Fitness is more than just a fad. That’s what makes fitness-based franchise opportunities, like an Anytime Fitness franchise, so appealing to entrepreneurs.

For anyone with their finger on the pulse of modern society, healthy eating choices and healthy living are the commodity du jour. Just ask Dr. Oz how much money there is to be made in the field.


If there’s one health-related thing that most people can agree on, though, it’s that everyone should exercise. That’s what makes the fitness industry some of the best franchise opportunities out there, and it’s one of the reasons that Anytime Fitness franchises have been able to enjoy so much success.

More about Anytime Fitness

There are, of course, many different fitness franchise opportunities available to the aspiring entrepreneur, but Anytime Fitness is consistently ranked as the best of those opportunities. Since 2011, the number of Anytime Fitness franchises across the globe has increased by nearly 50 percent. What’s more is that Anytime Fitness is only looking to expand even further than they have already.

One of the reasons that Anytime Fitness has been so successful has to do with their concept. As you no doubt already know, we live hectic lives these days! Anytime Fitness locations are open 24 hours a day, 7-days a week. Now, their locations are not always staffed, mind you, but members are allowed to use the equipment whenever they want. For many, that’s obviously a huge value proposition.

How Does Anytime Fitness Look to the Aspiring Franchisee?

As you might imagine, the upfront investment that you’ll need to make in an Anytime Fitness franchise is quite substantial. At the low end, you can get involved for around $75,000; however, this won’t work for most prospective franchisees. An initial investment well into the six figures should be expected, as the location will come at a premium, as will the equipment. Because of this initial investment, a prospective Anytime Fitness franchisee will have to have a net worth of at least a quarter of a million dollars.


Provided you’re able to make this investment, the benefits of owning one of these franchises are numerous. Extensive training is provided by the franchisor, not just initially but on an ongoing basis. Also, the franchisee gets to benefit from Anytime Fitness’ extensive and effective national marketing efforts. For those prospective franchisees that are looking to expand, there’s this, too: Those who open a second or any subsequent franchise are able to enjoy a 20% discount on future franchise fees.

Is a Fitness Franchise Right for You?

Having some familiarity with the fitness world will no doubt help the prospective franchisee enjoy future success with Anytime Fitness, but it is not necessary. Given the initial investment required, it’s likely that you would be able to make up for any knowledge gap by simply hiring competent, fitness-minded managers. So, keep that in mind, as the fundamentals of this franchise are perfect for even the most non-health-conscious entrepreneur.

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