John Battelle, a founder of Wired magazine, is the man behind NewCo, which he himself has branded, “a festival of innovation.”

NewCo began as a passion project with a goal of re-inventing the traditional business conference model. It has evolved to a festival-type event, with a target city as the event’s venue, where companies open up their doors to attendees. Literally.

According to Battelle, NewCo looks for innovative companies that are doing something to help social change, whether as a direct result of their business or in addition to it. Once selected, these companies plan events at their actual offices, open their doors and share their stories. They are the hottest companies in the technology, retail, healthcare, transportation, media and energy sectors. NewCo attendees in each city have the chance to visit these companies, up close and personal.

In the past two years, NewCo has hosted more than a dozen festivals around the world. Last year, more than 575 companies participated in eight NewCo events in cities in North America and Europe.

Investors know Battelle has something big. NewCo secured $1.7 million in first-round seed funding earlier this year.

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