Save the Environment with a FiltaFry Franchise

You may not thinking about everything that goes into cooking the food you eat at restaurants, but you should. You’d be surprised to learn just how much fry oil the typical restaurant can go through in a given day. For years, this waste oil has presented an environmental problem, but thanks to some technological innovations, solutions have arrived.


One business that’s been offering a tremendous solution to the problem of waste fry oil is a company called FiltaFry. Over their relatively short history, they’ve managed to develop relationships with a number of the leading restaurant chains in the country. Through their work, they’ve been able to improve these businesses’ profitability, while at the same time helping to preserve the environment.

More about the FiltaFry Franchise

FiltaFry was originally started in the United Kingdom during the mid 90s. There, the group began offering its service, which essentially collects, filters and reuses the spent cooking oil produced by restaurants. Following a tremendous degree of initial success overseas, the business relocated to the United States in 2003 and began expanding its operations there. Since then, FiltaFry Franchise has developed relationships with a number of the leading restaurant chains in the country, including high-profile brands like Chili’s and Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse.

It’s been able to expand so quickly in the United States thanks to its franchise model. Simply, the FiltaFry Franchise puts its powerful technology in the hands of ambitious entrepreneurs, who then service clients in their particular area of operation. This service is provided on a mobile basis, as FiltaFry provides its franchisees with a mobile van to travel from client to client.

The Benefits of Becoming a FiltaFry Franchisee

To get started with a FiltaFry Franchise, a prospective franchisee will need to have a little over $30,000 of liquid capital available. However, the initial investment, given the cost of the van and technology, is higher than this. Generally, a franchisee will need about $80,000 to get started.


With that price tag, though, comes tremendous support from FiltaFry itself. Franchisees will be given comprehensive training over a two-week period, during which they’ll learn everything they need to know about the business and its daily operation. After this training period, franchisees are given business management support for a two-week period, and are given ongoing support for their businesses. This, of course, is in addition to the brand recognition and awareness that already surrounds FiltaFry itself.

For those entrepreneurs who want to get even more out of their FiltaFry franchises, there are more options. For example, franchisees can offer additional services to their clients, including FiltaCool – a moisture control system for restaurants – and FiltaBio – a service that converts spent cooking oil into bio fuel.

How to Get Started with FiltaFry Today

If all of this sounds like an excellent franchise opportunity for you, then visit FiltaFry’s website to learn even more. There is one thing you might want to be aware of, though. Generally speaking, FiltaFry is somewhat selective when it comes to bringing on franchisees, and, in almost every case, prior business experience will be a requirement.

For more information, visit FiltaFry Franchise.