As standardized testing takes over our children’s lives, more and more parents are reaching to outside tutoring services for help. To be sure, tutoring is nothing new, but it’s becoming more commonplace for students to seek educational help outside of the classroom. This has naturally led to a number of franchise businesses popping up in the tutoring sector.


One of the best-known tutoring services is Tutor Doctor. This service offers tailored, one-on-one tutoring services to its customers. The tutors that the Tutor Doctor franchise send out in the field are mobile, coming to students where they are and where they live.

More About the Tutor Doctor Franchise

Tutor Doctor got its start north of the border in Ontario, Canada, in 2000. During its initial three years, it was entirely company operated. However, that all changed when it began setting up franchises in Canada in 2003. Since then, the company has enjoyed stable growth. Currently, there are just under 240 franchises set up in the United States, with an additional 176 located in Canada and in international locations.

Although it’s possible to get started with Tutor Doctor for around $40,000, the prospective franchisee will generally require more in the way of liquid capital. In fact, Entrepreneur estimates that an initial investment in a Tutor Doctor franchise can range up to approximately $100,000. The prospective franchisee should be aware too that Tutor Doctor does not offer in-house financing for its fees and setup costs.

The Benefits of Being a Franchisee

For the entrepreneur that’s looking to get up and running with a franchise in as little time as possible, Tutor Doctor could be just the opportunity. The company advertises that its franchisees are, generally speaking, able to start conducting business within 30 days of signing up. This quick turnaround time can take some of the sting out of the initial capital investment required to get up and running.

Once the franchise fees have been paid, the franchisee will receive extensive training from Tutor Doctor. In addition to seven days of training at Tutor Doctor’s headquarters, the franchisee will also receive 80 hours of comprehensive online training that can be completed at the franchisee’s own pace. This training is further reinforced with ongoing assistance, which lasts for 12 weeks after the initial setup period.


Franchisees will also be able to rely upon the reputation and brand recognition that Tutor Doctor enjoys. It has been featured in a number of publications and television programs, receiving international recognition for the quality of the tutoring services that it provides. Also, a Tutor Doctor franchisee will not have to worry about competition, as Tutor Doctor provides protected territory.

How to Get Started with Tutor Doctor

If you’re the kind of entrepreneur who likes to assist others, then this might be the franchise opportunity that you’ve been looking for.

For more information on this franchise, visit Tutor Doctor.