Headquartered in Canada, Blossoms Fresh Fruit Arrangements provides a healthy and fresh alternative in gift giving, nourishing and delighting everyone they serve with healthy lifestyle choices. Blossom’s fruit arrangements are great for every occasion, holidays, get well, birthdays, sympathy arrangements, Mother’s Day and are a favorite on Valentines day.

Tracy Bailey, the company’s Executive Director of Business Development, recently took some time to chat with us about the idea behind Blossoms, what a day in the life is like for franchisees and more. 

What’s special about your company?

What makes Blossoms Fresh Fruit Arrangements special is that it is not a franchise operation and there are no royalties! We operate under a license model, which gives you the freedom and flexibility to make your own choices for your business.

The fee structure consists of a “one time” licensing fee and a very low monthly fee for our wire service program, which offers an additional opportunity to increase your revenues.


What is the idea behind Blossoms Fresh Fruit Arrangements?

After 15 years in the floral and gift giving industry, our creators and owners were noticing a trend that more and more people were looking for an alternative to flowers. Customers were seeking out more practical gift giving ideas. With some research, the owners soon found that Fresh Fruit Arrangements were one of the fastest-growing trends.

Just recently, many of the Health Sciences (hospitals) in Canada and the UK have implemented a policy making it virtually impossible to deliver flowers to several floors. It’s also becoming a growing trend in many US hospitals and health care facilities. With these new policies in place, our demand and sales have drastically increased. Many government offices are now following suit, as we watch our demand and sales taking an additional huge upward swing.

Blossoms Fresh Fruit Arrangements are making a splash in North America. People are choosing our bouquets for holidays, centerpieces, sympathy arrangements, birthdays, parties, celebrations and more. Consumer trends indicate that healthy eating is on the rise and we will continue to see this growth in years to come. Fresh Fruit Arrangements are quickly becoming the ‘Future of Gift Giving.’

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How does it compare to its competition?

Blossoms Fresh Fruit Arrangements is very unique in its business model. Blossoms charges no royalties, no marketing fees and no monthly purchase commitments, increasing your net profit and putting money back in your pocket.

You have the flexibility and freedom to make your own choices about your business. You are in business for yourself, but not by yourself.

Who do you target as licensees?  

Anyone with a desire to own their own business. Someone who wants true freedom and the power to make their business a success.

Where do you see Blossoms Fresh Fruit Arrangement in five years?

The largest and most successful fruit arrangement company in North America, of course!

Can you describe a typical day in the life of a Blossom licensee?

Each licensee is very different, and each day can differ greatly. Many start their day by preparing and completing all of their orders for the day, and watching the delighted facial expressions as they hand a customer their arrangement.

Throughout their day our licensees not only fulfill large amounts of orders, but also network and market within their communities, on their social media sites, and take part in various community events to showcase their product and business.

Please tell us your secret to success…

Our biggest secret to success is our licensees. Choosing the right people to represent our growing brand. Choosing licensees who have a strong focus on quality and customer service.

Any final words for aspiring entrepreneurs? 

Be creative, be diligent, and always set goals!

Where can people find out more about Blossoms Fruit Fresh Arrangements?

Visit their website here

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