Leaving Retail Behind to Tap into the Global Economy

Karen Long is the owner of a Create Your Own Life franchise in Adelaide, Australia. Founded in 2012, Create Your Own Life is an online Personal Leadership Development business.

Prior to starting her franchise, Long ran her own retail business but grew tired of working seven days a week and the stress of massive overloads. She sold her business and went in search of something more portable, flexible and lucrative. Enter Create Your Own Life. In our Q&A with Long, we learn why she chose the franchise and what challenges she had to overcome to achieve success.

How long have you owned a franchise?

For over three years, since March 2012.

What’s special about the Create Your Own Life franchise?

Our online business offers the opportunity to operate from home or from anywhere and tap into the global economy. We have a supportive community with daily training calls from our most successful business owners to assist new people to create success. We offer lucrative 80 percent commissions.

What is the idea behind the franchise?

The idea of our Create Your Own Life is to empower people with our award-winning success education to create better results in every area of your life as well as financial independence with the unique business model attached to our product line.

How does it compare to its competition?

Our personal development program works as evidenced by the strong customer base we have in over 100 countries worldwide coupled with a lucrative business model offering 80 percent commissions, leaving plenty of meat on the bone for the people actually doing the work. There is potential to create a multiple six-figure income while working flexible hours from the comfort of your own home.

Where do you see Create Your Own Life in five years?

In five years, I see our business continuing to expand rapidly as people go in search of a better way as the traditional methods continue to fail for so many. Personal development is a $65 billion industry annually and with more and more people turning to the industry to learn how to create more positive results in their life, our business will continue to go from strength to strength.

Can you describe a typical day in the life of a franchisee?

A typical day involves working from the comfort of their our home, between three to five hours per day implementing company marketing strategies, conducting brief telephone interviews, providing information via the Internet and telephone, mentoring their team as well as investing time into their own personal development.

What’s your background?

My background is in fashion retail including owning my own retail store for over six years. I sold my retail business in 2010 because I wanted something more portable, flexible and profitable. I have found this with Create Your Own Life and now enjoy working part-time hours around my family, friends, running, travel and hobbies. Life is no longer stressful and I earn in two months, what I used to earn in a year in my retail business. I have implemented what I have learned from our personal development program into my sprint training and as a result broke a 26-year-old record in the 200m and won three gold and two silver medals at our National Titles In April 2015. I am currently in training for the World Championships held in France in August 2015.

What motivates you to keep going?

I love what I do and this business has improved every aspect of my life from my finances, to my health, relationships and fitness just to name a few. I also enjoy helping others to create better results in their life as well as financial freedom.

Please tell us your secret to success…

My secret to success has been the change in mindset from studying our personal development program as well as following our simple three-step business system, immersing myself in our supportive community and stepping up to be the leader whenever the opportunity presents itself.

What is the worst job you have ever had and what did you learn from it?  

Hmm, tough question. For six months I worked for an insurance company and although I didn’t find the work fulfilling, I did exceed my sales targets and win awards as well as meet a number of beautiful women I am still friends with more than 10 years later. I learned that working in an office was definitely not for me. 

What is one thing that really excites you?  

I get up every day with enthusiasm and can’t wait to get on the phone and communicate with people and see the changes in their life as a result of the home business opportunity that is offered.

Why did you choose the Create Your Own Life franchise?

I wanted something that was portable, flexible and profitable, that I can operate from anywhere and that had a system for me to follow.

What were some of the challenges you faced when starting your franchise?

Our business system is so simple, I couldn’t believe it and I wanted to overcomplicate everything. When I took a step back I realized that all I had to do was just follow the step-by-step system, all the confusion went and I started to see great results.

Where did you research or get advice about starting a franchise?

I researched the company and trusted my gut instincts as I knew from reading the ad and reviewing the business information that I had found what I was looking for.

What advice do you have for others looking to own a franchise?

Sit down and write out exactly what you want for your life, what you want from a business and then go looking for a business that matches what you have written down. When you are very clear on what you want, it will be easier to find the right business for you and you will know the destination you want so you can create a plan to achieve your goals.

Would you recommend others be franchisees? Why?

Definitely. If you are tired of working long hours, not getting paid enough, never sure if you will continue to have a job then I highly recommend you take control of your life and go and find a business to run yourself so that you have complete say over what, when and how you work as well as your income.

Any final words for aspiring entrepreneurs?

Set big goals, believe in yourself, back yourself up by taking action and just go for it.

Testimonials from other Create Your Own Life franchisees:

“The Social Media Training offered by this company has been a game changer for my business. The training is free to all business partners, and in the past 10 days of business I’ve made $11,828. The remarkable thing is that I don’t spend any money on advertising. I’ve simply implemented the social media training strategies taught by the company and the results have been tremendous.” Debbie R.

“In our very first month we made just over $10,000. We absolutely knew this was the vehicle we had always been looking for. We just followed the simple system and as a result consistently make multiple five figures each month, with our biggest month being over $60,000.” — Pauline & Simon O.

“My only regret surrounding this product is that I didn’t find it years ago.” — Paul W.

“I’m so excited with the direction my life is now heading. The lessons I have learned by following the program, completing the exercises and from putting the teachings into practice have enriched and empowered my life in so many ways.” — Fiona C

“I know my success in this business is due to my passion for what we do and the products are life-changing in every area. I’m enjoying high levels of financial return, with my best month being $16,500.” — Karen E

“I’m a mum of three, all under the age of seven, and prior to starting my business I had been a stay at home mum for six years. I couldn’t even send an email before getting started here and as scared as I was in the beginning, I just followed the simple system and within a short time started producing results. I’ve become accustomed to five-figure months and recently produced $25,000 in a single month.” — Belinda B.

“I’m a mum of two and I come from a franchising and retail management background. I got started here to have a better work life balance with my family and to reignite my passion for my career, after being burned out. My first financial goal was to replace our joint six-figure income that we lost suddenly. I’ve made as much as $52,592 in a single month with this business, all within school hours.” — Kirsty M.