Learn the Lessons of Failed Startups at Autopsy.io

To succeed as a startup, it’s important to know why others before you failed and learn from their mistakes. At Autopsy.io, now you have that information right at your fingertips.

Autopsy.io is a newly launched website founded by “undertakers,” as they refer to themselves, Maryam Mazraie, Matthew Davies and Niral Patel. Mazraei and Davies are founders of remote web studio, Milc. Patel is a marketing manager for a chat hosting service called Sameroom.io.

Autopsy.io provides you with everything you need to know about why these startups failed to make it, all in easy-to-read spreadsheet format. It lists each startup name, the idea, the founder and the reason for failure along with a link to an article about why it flopped.


So far, the site lists over 100 startups, going back to 2006. The reasons for failure vary from Devver’s “focused on engineering first & customers second” to the brutally honest admissions like Starthead’s “We were naive idiots.”

The site’s simplicity is in aesthetics only. The complexity lies behind its idea and the value it provides to the hundreds of thousands who have already visited it. The founding trio wants to keep Autopsy.io positive. Their intention is for it to be a place where entrepreneurs can go to learn from others’ mistakes in hopes that the mistakes won’t be repeated. Readers can even submit a postmortem of their own.

They’re also planning an email newsletter, which you can sign up for on the site.