5 Warning Signs to Watch For in Resumes

Featured image from coffeebeanworks on Pixabay

Depending upon your work history, you may or may not have a great deal of experience evaluating resumes. Regardless, it’s important to note that the people you hire to work in your franchise are representing you. Also, having the right people on board when you first open your franchise is incredibly critical to your long-term success.

Therefore, when you are reviewing resumes, it’s important to know about these critical resume warning signs.

To that end, here is a refresher course on the things you should look out for when evaluating resumes. These signs will help you to weed out undesirable applicants and spot the most qualified job seekers.

1. Bad Spelling and Poor Grammar

You really don’t need someone like your high school English teacher to work the cash register at your franchise, of course. However, poor spelling and grammar on a resume are signs that the applicant is either poorly educated or just doesn’t care.

While impeccable and compelling writing might not be that applicant’s forte, he or she should certainly be aware of the importance of proofreading. At the very least, applicants could have someone else proofread their resume. After all, it’s such an important document.

2. Irrelevant Work History on a Resume

Irrelevant work history on a resume is another warning sign. This, too, speaks to an applicant’s level of care. While job seekers typically send out resumes in batches these days, those resumes should be tailored to the position they’re applying for.

Therefore, if you run across resumes that are not relevant to the position, toss them aside. These resumes just show that applicants are throwing spaghetti at the wall to see if it will stick. Is that the kind of person you want on your team?

3. Being Overqualified

To a certain extent, being overqualified might not matter for your purposes. In most cases, though, it should. While an applicant could have perfectly valid reasons for applying to a position for which he or she is overqualified, you probably don’t want to gamble on that person. Ultimately, the applicant might just be using your position as a placeholder until something better comes along.

That means you’ll be making an investment in someone who just plans on moving on before long. Then you’ll be going through the process of hiring for the same position again before you know it.

4. Gaps in Employment

Again, this could be another circumstance where there is a perfectly reasonable and understandable explanation. However, do you want to waste your time getting that explanation? More often than not, lengthy gaps in employment are a sign that someone is either unmotivated or doesn’t know what he or she wants out of life. When you’re building your franchise’s team, especially at the beginning, these people can be poison.

5. Signs of Job Hopping on a Resume

Similar to gaps in employment, there’s job hopping. When you notice signs of job hopping on a resume, the applicant may very well be perfectly motivated. After all, he or she has maintained steady employment. However, you can be almost certain that the applicant has no idea what he or she wants. These kinds of applicants could be perfect for seasonal work, but never consider them as people who could be a part of your core team.

Use Your Best Judgment When Reviewing Resumes

Especially if you’re new to reviewing resumes and hiring for your business, make it a point to be as engaged in the process as possible. It’s the only way you’ll ever get a feel for it. What’s more, over time, you’ll be able to read the tea leaves of any given applicant’s resume. The experience you’ll gain will ultimately allow you to develop sound hiring judgment. And this will serve you well over the course of your franchising career.