ActiveRx Senior Care Franchise Expands Across the U.S.

Over the last decade, a lot of attention has been given to senior care franchises. With the growing number of elderly people in the U.S. these businesses are only getting more numerous and profitable over time and are commonly found on the lists of the best franchises and the fastest-growing franchises.


The huge growth in the elderly population is very real and will drive a lot of economic activity. According to some statistics, a person reaches 65 years of age every seven seconds, and there will be more elderly adults than young children by 2020. What many people miss is the fact that hospice and assisted living are not the only types of franchises that will be profitable and cater to the needs of elderly customers. Many other types of businesses can find success by targeting senior citizens.

One new franchise that is quickly expanding is ActiveRx, which provides a proprietary physical therapy program specially designed to help older people improve strength, mobility and balance. These franchises are growing quickly and expanding outward from Massachusetts, where the franchisor is headquartered.

Scientifically Designed and Tested Physical Therapy

At ActiveRx locations, which are called Strengtherapy Centers, experienced physical therapists use the Strengtherapy System to help customers recover their strength and endurance. The proprietary system is scientifically proven to help people over the age of 60 to regenerate strength so that they can live happier, healthier and fuller lives.

Because the programs use medical and scientific evidence and principles, they can provide customers with powerful physical results while requiring a smaller investment of time than similar physical therapy solutions. According to ActiveRx, the Strengtherapy System can give customers greater function, strength, fall protection and balance and disease prevention.

Though ActiveRx is growing quickly, the franchisor is taking time to identify the best possible franchisees. They are specifically targeting two kinds of people: operators with multiple franchise units and experienced physical therapists who want to start their own businesses. Longtime operators have the management, development and customer service experience to ensure that the new units are successful. The franchisor also believes that physical therapists have the practical knowledge to establish franchises that deliver outstanding results to clients.

Spreading Strengtherapy to Every Corner of the U.S.

There are currently 11 locations that are open and operating in eight different states including Massachusetts, Michigan, Illinois, Texas, Colorado and Florida. Twenty other franchises are currently in development, including locations in Connecticut and Las Vegas that will soon be opening. With increasing interest in the franchise, ActiveRx predicts that they will have another 15 franchises begin the development stage before the end of this year and hope to close another 25 franchise agreements in 2016.


ActiveRx is looking at many different regions where the Strengtherapy system may be successful and is currently planning big expansions in South Carolina, Fla., and the Houston metropolitan area. As more of the population reaches retirement age, demand for these types of services will only increase, and ActiveRx may be perfectly positioned to help senior citizens get the mobility and physical function that they are looking for and paying to receive.

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