Business Ideas to get you Started as an Entrepreneur

Just because you have an entrepreneurial spirit doesn’t necessarily mean you have the idea you need to take the next step. Don’t let that stop you, though. Instead, consider some of these business ideas. In addition, below are some business ideas to help get you started as an Entrepreneur.

You may have to massage them slightly, but you should be able to find something that will help you take a giant leap forward toward realizing your dreams.

Maximize Your Talent

Many of us have a nine-to-five job that involves a certain profession, but we never consider how else this skill set could benefit us. For example, let’s say you’re an accountant handling the books for a medium-sized grocer. You could keep doing this or you could decide to open your own bookkeeping and accounting practice that handles similar size and type accounts. The point is to maximize your abilities for your own benefit.

There are tons of medium-sized grocers in the country and going into business for yourself has always been your dream, right? Too many people think that they need someone above them and an infrastructure around them in order to make money. This isn’t the case.

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Embrace Your Passion

A lot of people love their profession so much they’d do it for free. Examples might be: fishing, coaching baseball, building model trains, designing websites, etc.

Have you considered being one of those entrepreneurs who are fortune enough to do what they love every day? Maybe it would just mean starting a blog or a YouTube channel. Maybe it’s something you could write about.

The cool thing about this idea is that you’re probably already a bit of an authority on the subject. Being an authority is worth a lot of money online. You already have the knowledge, so now just go share it with others.

Be an Authority

If you know a lot about something, chances are you are already an “authority” on that subject. Whether it is building bird cages, skateboard ramps or drafting tables, if you can do it well – even as a hobby, you are an authority on that subject. Can you start an online business teaching others how to do it, selling plans or consulting?

Solve a problem for people. That’s one of the more surefire ways to make money. Better still, solve a problem YOU currently have. Not only will you get a solution to something that has been bothering you, you may make some money at the same time. Furthermore, you are very much an authority on this subject.

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Build an App

This is a pretty general piece of advice, but consider the possibilities. Just about everything has an app these days. Apps are the new websites. You could combine any of the above ideas with creating an app and receive some real income as a result. Are you an accountant? Make an app to help people track their finances. Do you like fishing? Create an app that will help fishermen enjoy their hobby more. Have a problem? Solve it and make an app to match.

These days, you don’t need to know how to create apps. There are countless developers around the world — entrepreneurs in their own right — who will handle the work for a price. Check out websites like Upwork for app builders who can help you.


Don’t let a lack of ideas keep you from chasing your entrepreneurial spirit. Instead, let the above serve as an inspiration.

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