Restaurant Loyalty Programs Can Be Your Next Home-Based Business Opportunity

Restaurants can be a tricky business. You can have the best food, the best service and the best atmosphere, and it’s still possible that people won’t come to fill up the seats. It’s difficult to pin down the reasons that this can be the case, and that’s the primary reason that opening a restaurant is one of the riskiest business opportunities out there. There’s high overhead, a demanding clientele, and a million ways in which things can go wrong that you can’t always control.


That’s why restaurant owners often turn to loyalty programs in order to both drum up business and maintain a consistent clientele. By offering discounts and promotions to customers who have already come through the door, the restaurant is ensuring that its seats will not stay empty. And, much like in the entertainment industry, empty seats are ever the enemy of profit margins.

How Does a Restaurant Loyalty Program Work?

Now, I know what you’re thinking. Where’s the business opportunity in having a restaurant give away stuff? What you need to understand about a program like this is the following: Because restaurants run on such tight margins, tolerating empty seats and tables simply isn’t an option. When a restaurant opens its doors for business, everything has to be operating as it would be on the busiest day of the year, regardless of whether there are customers coming through the door or not. So, if a restaurant has been dealing with a lack of clientele, then it will be highly motivated to pursue whatever means it can to get customers into its seats, eating its food and spending money. Additionally, restaurants will do everything in their power to ensure that they keep their existing customers coming back — which is why you see so many restaurants taking an aggressive attitude toward combating negative reviews on websites like Yelp and TripAdvisor.

How a Restaurant Loyalty Program Can Be Your Business Opportunity

While large chain restaurants have already made the jump onto the Internet for interacting with and maintaining their customer base, most privately owned, mom-and-pop restaurants have yet to make the technological jump. This fact is what can make something as simple as a restaurant loyalty program a lucrative business opportunity for you. Whereas a restaurant owner might not be aware of the many options available for promoting his or her business online, you, the entrepreneurial salesperson, can sell them on the idea. But what is it exactly that you’re going to be selling them?

There are multiple turnkey mobile/Internet business opportunities that you can avail yourself of in order to market this kind of service to area restaurants. One of the best and most well known is a business called MobileStamp, which gives you a complete platform upon which to pursue this very exciting business opportunity. MobileStamp sets you up with a website and mobile application with which you can develop loyalty programs for area restaurants. The best part about this business opportunity is that you don’t need to have any web or mobile programming experience whatsoever. MobileStamp has taken care of all of that for you. With MobileStamp’s Internet business opportunity for restaurant loyalty programs, you get:

  • To set your own price points
  • Ready-made forms to provide businesses
  • Social media integration
  • The ability to promote check-in and points programs
  • Ready-made marketing materials to distribute
  • Comprehensive technical support and training
  • And so much more

As you can see, when MobileStamp says that they’re giving you a turnkey business opportunity, they mean it. Really, your success with a program like this is entirely dependent upon your willingness to hit the pavement and let your natural sales acumen do the talking.


So, if you’re at all interested in this kind of a business opportunity, then hop on over to Google and do some research. If restaurant loyalty programs aren’t the business opportunity for you, then you’re sure to find something that is.