Industry Outlook Good for New Franchisees

Becoming a franchisee is a very serious business decision. A lot of smaller decisions have to go into the process, and you will first have to decide what type of franchise you are looking for and what specific franchise is the best move for you. Throughout the process it’s very important to get the help of an accountant and especially a lawyer because they will help you understand the conditions of the agreement and if you will be able to turn a profit. The complexity and risk that go into becoming a franchisee discourage some from ever completing the process, but good economic trends may soon entice more entrepreneurs to get involved in franchising.


Though recent turmoil in the European Union and Greece are putting a damper on the international economic outlook, the economy in the United States continues to grow steadily. Since the recession, the U.S. economy has been able to add millions of jobs, and franchise investments are starting to look a lot better for many entrepreneurs. As consumers are getting more money in their bank accounts, their spending is increasing, and this is a great environment to start a new business.

IFA Report for 2015

The International Franchise Association released its 2015 outlook, and all signs are positive in the United States. The organization predicts that franchise-related jobs will grow by almost 3% this year. The IFA expects 12,000 new franchises to open this year as more and more people take advantage of the market’s substantial opportunities. In terms of franchise-related output, industry insiders are predicting output to grow by over 5% and for total output to reach almost $900 billion in 2015.

All of this information should make entrepreneurs take a second look at opening a franchise, because the potential rewards are enormous. With that being said, no one should quickly rush into a franchise agreement in order to capitalize on the market conditions. This positive outlook will likely continue for the next few years, so potential business owners should take their time and find the best opportunity. That will give them the best chance to succeed.

Families Getting into Franchises

The recent report also revealed that more franchises are being opened and operated by multi-generational families. Experienced business owners are teaming up with their adult children to open up franchises and create a stable source of wealth for the whole family.

In these types of arrangements, older family members can provide larger amounts of financial investment and business experience, while younger family members have the knowledge to attract and hold on to young consumers. Family-owned small businesses have always been an important and respected part of the American economy, and these families are seeing the advantages to opening a franchise instead of starting from scratch.


If you have been thinking about becoming a franchisee, you should definitely look more into the recent report, so that you can become familiar with all of the economic numbers. This is a great time for investment and starting a business, and with the right franchise, you’ll be perfectly positioned to take advantage of these economic trends.