The Year’s Biggest Changes in Franchise Marketing

Every year sees new trends in franchise development and marketing. Corporate leaders are constantly on the lookout for new technologies and strategies that can improve marketing for local franchisees while saving money for everyone involved. This year is no different, and many franchises are instituting new measures to streamline marketing. This applies both to the newer franchises with less than 100 locations, and the larger franchises with as many as 500 locations.


Marketing is crucial for every franchisee and potential franchisee. A franchisor that provides marketing help and assistance can dramatically lower the time and money it takes to advertise your business, helping you find a steady supply of customers in a short amount of time. Many who are just starting out as franchisees have little experience with marketing and come from a management or operations background. For these people it’s especially important that they understand how the franchise provides marketing support and assistance.

Local Franchise Marketing Software

Many of the largest franchises are utilizing special software that allows them to keep the corporate marketing team very small. With this software, the franchisor can create all kinds of marketing elements and materials. These documents and products are then sent to franchisees that can use the software to easily customize the messaging, so that it fits the local market. This software is becoming more and more common because it helps franchises maintain some brand consistency while also letting local franchisees create targeted and effective marketing materials.

Franchisee Outreach is Increasing, But It’s Increasing Slowly

Before selecting a franchise, you should always research how the corporate offices provide marketing support to local franchises and what type of support it is. Even now, about 25% of franchisors offer little or no marketing assistance to local franchisees. They have no local marketing plans, and this means franchisees basically have to fend for themselves. Many of these franchisors are realizing why this puts them at a disadvantage, and this is slowly changing. If you want a franchisor that provides marketing plans for you, make sure you select one that has local marketing strategies and resources.

Moving Towards More Measurement of ROI

Another problem with many franchises’ marketing plans is that they are not measured for their value and effectiveness. More than one-third of franchisors do not measure ROI of local marketing efforts, and this makes it impossible to find out if franchisees are doing a good job. The franchises that are providing more comprehensive marketing and analysis are helping their franchisees advertise more effectively.


Reducing Lead Generation of Franchisees

Did you know that about 25% of franchisees spend half of their time on marketing and lead generation? This is an incredible number, and it is shocking people across the franchising industry. Many of these individuals have little experience with local marketing, and instead of spending time providing goods and services, they have to devote all of their time to finding new customers. With all of the improvements and changes going on with franchise marketing, this number will hopefully start to go down. Franchises are trying to provide more support, so that their franchisees can focus on what they do best — serve customers.