Every year technology gets more advanced, and consumers are beginning to expect high-quality delivery no matter where they are or what they want. You can see this very easily with Amazon and their Prime service, which is making one- and two-day delivery commonplace. Amazon has even talked about using drones in the future to make delivery practically instantaneous, so that consumers can order their goods from the comfort of their home and then get them delivered to their doorstep on the same day.


This desire and expectation for convenience is extending far beyond online shopping. More and more restaurants and retailers are looking for ways to provide home delivery to their customers because many consumers no longer see the need to go out of their homes when they want to buy something. There are multiple apps and companies springing up to take care of this problem, and one of the most interesting is Doorstep Delivery.

Doorstep Delivery is a company that helps deliver a restaurant’s food to customers up to five miles away. If a restaurant doesn’t have their own delivery drivers or can’t afford to hire some, Doorstep Delivery can be a great way to provide the type of service and convenience that customers want.

The company was originally created to provide people with more delivery choices. Besides pizza, Chinese food, and the occasional sandwich shop, most restaurants do not normally provide delivery, and if they do, it takes too long. Doorstep Delivery helps both the restaurants and the customers, by providing a quick and reliable solution that’s makes things more efficient for both parties.

How Doorstep Delivery Works

As one of these new technologically savvy companies, Doorstep Delivery utilizes a website and an app to make ordering as simple as possible. People can download the app on their smartphone, and after entering their zip code they will be able to see all of the options nearby. This makes it very convenient and reduces the barriers for new customers. If someone is less tech savvy, they can also call the company to make their order.

Doorstep Delivery should be interesting to franchisees for two reasons. First, it now makes delivery much easier than it’s ever been. Franchisees can now offer delivery services without having to pay a full-time delivery driver. This can be a great option if there is a significant amount of delivery orders but not enough for a driver. In addition, delivery drivers can create a lot of liability for a restaurant if that driver gets into an accident. Using Doorstep Delivery is a safer, easier and cheaper solution for most franchises locations.


Franchisees may also be interested in Doorstep Delivery because it’s actually a franchise, too. Entrepreneurs can enter into a franchise agreement to use the company’s brand and all of its proprietary technology. Once you’ve become a franchisee, it will be easy to start working with restaurants in your city and get new customers through the Doorstep Delivery app.