Tips to Becoming a Great Telecommuter

There are definite advantages to being a telecommuter. For one, the drive to work sure can’t be beaten! Working from home is what many people dream of, but please note that it is not for everybody. Let us be reminded that work must still be done, or money will not be made.


If you are convinced that you would like to give this work from home concept a try, consider these tips designed to help make you more effective in your role as a telecommuter.

1. Make Use of Mobile Technology

This is an important concept to remember: Working from home does not necessarily mean you must remain in your house to do work. With today’s technology, you can take work with you wherever you go. Psychologists have long since pointed out the value that a change in scenery has on the overall psyche of the individual. Consider mixing up your workday from time to time. Go to the coffee shop down the street, or the park if it is nice outside. There are even apps for your smartphone now that are designed for telecommuters. One such app will allow you to locate all the great places nearby that offer free Wi-Fi, making it an excellent spot for telecommuters such as yourself. Use these areas to plug in and get a little work done in a comfortable environment.

2. Make Sure You Are Taking Breaks

If you have worked for any length of time in the corporate environment, you understand the importance of taking regular breaks. You need the time, even just 15 minutes, to disengage yourself from work and get your batteries charged up again. When you are working from home, the possibilities for your break time are even more magnified, so don’t forget to take them. Get up and go for a jog around the neighborhood. Walk the dog. If you have a pool, go for a swim. Just remember to do something at periodic intervals to break up your day.

3. Take Advantage of the Morning Hours

It has been revealed time and time again that humans are at their most productive in the few hours after they wake up. When working at home, you do not have a commute to contend with, and you do not have to worry about putting on a fancy suit. Take advantage of the time that you have saved and get right to work. Knock out the more difficult tasks first. When the afternoon rolls around, you will feel much better about what you have accomplished to that point in the day.

4. Monitor Your Fluid Intake

Make sure that you are drinking at least 64 ounces of water daily. Keep a bottle at your desk. Being properly hydrated has been linked to increased productivity and an overall sense of physical well-being, and this equates to being more productive at work.


These tips are designed to help you maximize your efficiency as a telecommuter. Embrace the lifestyle and enjoy the freedom and flexibility that it brings, while remaining focused on earning money at the same time.