6 Steps to Owning a Franchise

There are many reasons why franchises are booming in spite of an economy that has been less than certain for the better part of a decade. Business ownership is still part of the American dream. ­If you are among the many Americans thinking about going into business for yourself, consider the following steps as a basic guide to get you started.


1. Evaluate Yourself

Begin by asking yourself some questions related to business ownership, and provide some honest answers. What do you enjoy doing? Can you motivate yourself to do the work that it will take to be successful? What do you hope to get out of owning your own business, and do you have a solid support team in place to help you?

2. Obtain Proper Financing

We live in uncertain times, so it might not be as easy as you think to gain access to the financing you will need to open a franchise. Unless you have a sizeable reserve sitting around, these are issues you need to consider. By the way, it is not a wise move to sink your life savings into a franchise, because you do need a safety net should something negative happen.

3. Look For A Segment That Is Largely Recession Proof

Consider some products and services that people still require, even when financial times are difficult. Some segments, such as fast food, actually experience a surge in business during such times. If one of these sectors interests you as a potential franchisee, then you should give those serious considerations first.

4. Begin Identifying Possible Franchises

Now that you have decided what you might be interested in pursuing, begin by researching some possibilities. This will serve as a motivating factor as you determine what exactly the requirements are for become a franchisee. Make special note of the financial requirements involved, in addition to potential profit margins. You will also want to choose franchises that are not already oversaturated in the market that you will be doing business in.

5. Make Contact With Existing Franchisees

Once you have narrowed down the list of possible franchises to just a few, try to schedule an appointment with some franchisees currently in the business. This will give you a valuable opportunity to learn from them and get their honest opinion as to whether or not this is something to pursue. They will also be in the position to give you a more accurate picture of the startup expenses involved.

6. Make Your Decision

After talking to various franchises and gathering as much information as you can, it is time to make your final decision. As long as you have followed a careful process to get to this point, you should be in a good position to make a wise and informed choice.


These steps are designed to help you formulate a strategic path to becoming a franchisee. Decide what your passion in business is, learn more about the possibilities, and then find out if it is feasible for you to own a franchise.