MobileStamp is a type of loyalty business that can be run from home and is becoming extremely popular today. The business itself is completely turn-key, meaning that the parent organization will turn over everything that you need to begin and successfully run your own loyalty-based company.


Being affiliated with MobileStamp means that you will keep 100% of all the sales, in exchange for giving the company a small monthly fee to be a reseller. They also promote that they offer a cutting-edge product that nobody else comes close to matching on the market today. Finally, the opportunity is open to anyone, as there is no experience necessary. You can learn everything as you go, and there is not much financial risk involved. Let’s look at a few more of the particulars for MobileStamp.

You Develop Your Own Brand — You will develop and create a business website with your name, so you will not be using MobileStamp’s name on anything. This provides new owners with a way to establish their brand right away.

You Will Have A Sales Website — The organization will set up a website for you. It will include all of the videos, an overview of the loyalty program itself, pricing of the products and much more. This saves you a great deal of time, as developing your website is either extremely labor intensive, or extremely expensive. Neither of those is the case with MobileStamp.

Customer Videos Provided — Creating your own professional video is time-consuming, not to mention many people are camera shy. MobileStamp takes care of this for you. They provide you with a professional video that will wow your customers. Again, the MobileStamp brand will not be on the video, so you are able to promote your image with ease.

Sales Training Provided — Even if you have no experience in the industry, MobileStamp will provide with the tools that you need to successfully sell the product. They also offer regular webinars that will keep you updated on the latest trends in the industry.

Marketing Material — To help you in promoting your business, MobileStamp provides flyers, videos, PowerPoint presentations and much more to successfully engage potential prospects and turn them into customers.

Phone and Email Support Provided — MobileStamp will not leave you on your own. They are there to help you as needed via either telephone or email support. This ensures that you can get the answers that you need when you need them.

Set Up Your Own Pricing Plans — You are not bound by any price that MobileStamp recommends. You are in control of the all of the plans, and you set the pricing. All MobileStamp receives is a small fee on a monthly basis to license the platform.


This is certainly a business that can run from home and requires minimum startup cost. If you are comfortable promoting a business from scratch and engaging prospects, this could be one to consider.