Should Your Business Use An Employment Agency?

Should Your Business Use An Employment Agency?   

When it comes to hiring employees there are two sides of the story.  An employer might be saying, “Good ones are hard to find.” On the other hand, a job seeker might say, “Finding a decent company to work for is difficult.” One thing is true for both, the process can be time consuming and demanding.

For an employee, researching companies, writing up cover letters and submitting them to multiple companies can be tedious work. For business owners or human resources personnel, when they post even a single job opening they might receive dozens of applicants and resumes to review. Reviewing each one and trying to get a sense of who someone is can be a demanding and laborious job.


So What Is The Answer?

Employment agencies take the hard work out of the process for both sides. As an employer, you can contact them online, post your job qualifications and they will go to work attempting to find a good candidate. With their online job search software, they can post your open positions quickly and easily.

As for job candidates, using the employment agencies software, they can quickly and easily select several employers and positions and apply to several at one time – quickly.


What do Employment First Do for The Applicant?

Employment firms will start out presenting your well organized credentials to an employer. They will do their best to make your qualifications attractive and appropriate for the job. Employment agencies speak with the employer so they know exactly what they are looking for. This way, they can pull out an employee’s applicable skills and put great focus on them. This helps employees know what to focus on in an interview as well.

One such agency is SEO recruitment agency.    They specialize in helping people acquire the full-time job they have been looking for. Employment services can offer information and and helpful tools for you to use. They are also aware of a number of positions that would be impossible for job seekers to access on their own. With this, they can give you a wide range of choices of various companies within different industries.

They can also help you find both short-term and part-time work.
Employment Agency Specialties:

Agencies specialize in one of 3 fields.

  1. Personnel placement services
  2. Staffing services, also known as temporary help services
  3. Executive search firms


One company, The London Employment Agency says they find thousands of jobs every day for countless applicants by reducing the tiresome task for employers and recruiting applicants that fit the positions. They advise that if you are looking for work, make sure you do the following in order to maximize your chances of finding a good job:


  • Be honest about your experience and qualifications. It’s always tempting to exaggerate a on your resume but don’t do it. Honest is the best policy when it comes to recruiters. You need to give them all of your information regarding salary requirements, previous positions, etc., so they can find a job that is a good fit.
  • No matter how lucrative or enticing, you should never apply for a job you’re unqualified for. If you’re contacted about a position you wouldn’t feel comfortable with, just tell them. It’s better than getting hired, and then promptly losing the job because you didn’t know what you were doing.
  • Be as specific as you can about your job roles, projects, and accomplishments. Vague descriptions like “good work ethic” and “innovative thinker” won’t get you very far with recruiters. When talking to a recruitment agency, give quantifiable, measurable information.
  • Tailor your resume to a particular position. Tweak it to make sure that the experiences, past projects, and skills you highlight are the ones that are the most relevant to the job you’re applying for. This not only gives you a better chance with the employer, but conveys to the recruiter that you’re generally interested in applying for the position.
  • Make sure your online presence accurately reflects your professional persona. Recruitment agencies often look online for potentially qualified individuals, using resources to look at resumes and qualifications. You don’t want anything unseemly in your name – as they will Google you. If you have anything online that you don’t want an employer to see, keep it private or friends-only.