The NuSpine Franchise Concept Makes Chiropractic Affordable

The NuSpine clinic model is based on 25 years of experience in the chiropractic industry. The concept has been designed to deliver consistent, quick, effective, yet affordable chiropractic care to a larger population. The NuSpine goal is to bring chiropractic care to those who have no insurance or who may not have been able to afford it in the past.

We recently interviewed Aaron Hedlund, COO of NuSpine Franchise Systems, Inc. and asked him what differentiates this franchise among others in its niche, what potential franchisees are told about the profit potential of opening up one of their franchises and, lastly,what’s next for the franchise, both in the near future and long-term.

Give us an overview of your franchise.
NuSpine Franchise Systems, Inc. was created to be a franchise option for chiropractors who want to own their own business and for investors who are looking for a quality, conservative investment with a quality return. NuSpine combines full-time practice management professionals, marketing professionals, as well as financial analysts to equip every franchisee with the tools to be successful in an industry that has incredible potential. NuSpine executives researched the health insurance industry, and specifically the chiropractic reimbursement trends, and developed educated procedures that create a framework for chiropractors to be successful outside the regulation of insurance. The freedom of an insurance-free chiropractic business allows for growth beyond just one heavily regulated practice. Investors and chiropractor businessmen alike can find incredible ROI and satisfaction in business with NuSpine.

How many units are there? 

What makes this franchise special?
NuSpine is special because it is designed and owned by chiropractors that have successfully executed the business a number of times. Franchises ought to be foolproof and provide a system or procedure that can be successful regardless of the circumstances. NuSpine has proven its success in a saturated market and proven its success as a doctor-owned franchise as well as an investor-owned (doctor hired) franchise.


Who are your biggest competitors?

Currently, the largest competitor is The Joint, as they have the most similar business model and pricing structure for consumers. We also compete with any other chiropractors in the area that have independently transitioned to 100% cash models.

What differentiates your franchise among others in your niche?
NuSpine is the best option for doctors and investors looking into this concept because it was founded and is now owned by chiropractors turned investors. By having an understanding of the franchise world, while also making corporate decisions based on decades of experience in the industry is invaluable. Other franchise options are owned and operated by businessmen who lack the experience of a practicing doctor. NuSpine is making decisions for the sake of its chiropractors so they can focus on running a successful practice.

Who are the key figures within your franchise? 
Dr. Todd A Hedlund, CEO — Dr. Hedlund has decades of experience as the founder and lead doctor of Family Chiropractic Centers and WellnessOne Chiropractic clinics, both of which were million dollar insurance-based clinics. He also was a consultant for Chiro Elite Organizations practice management company and he brings all his knowledge and experience to his franchisees, both doctors and investors.

Aaron M Hedlund, COO — Mr. Hedlund has spent his professional career studying the health insurance industry and has spent the last three years in clinics of all shapes and sizes in order to create the ideal procedure for a successful cash-based clinic. His knowledge and experience in the business of successful practice management provides franchisees with training, consulting and development as the industry continues to evolve.

Alyssa Bauer — Mrs. Bauer consults with COO, Aaron Hedlund, in order to bring the latest, most-effective, most-affordable marketing efforts possible. By utilizing the full potential of email, guerilla marketing and social media platforms, NuSpine can provide franchisees with the most effective time- and money-conscious efforts that deliver patients.

What’s your franchise’s motto?
Our most common tagline is “Making Chiropractic Affordable” but for the sake of franchisees I love what Dr. Hedlund said to me a few months back. He said, “I feel free. Free to practice the best way I know how. I don’t have to compromise my values in order to be successful.” I thought that was great, because it really exudes the freedom of our concept. Doctors no longer have to manipulate “the system” in order to be financially successful.

What is the total investment to open a franchise?

The total investment depends on a number of impacts, but we advertise a possible range of $77,000 – $143,000.

What do you tell potential franchisees about the profit potential of opening up one of your franchises?

We begin by pledging complete honesty on the cost. As we move through the process we maintain complete transparency on the expenses. We also want potential franchisees to know the possibilities if things are executed correctly. We share the numbers of our first clinic and the fact that it currently generates over $10,000 in net profit each month in less than two years of operation. With an investment of roughly $100,000, and a return of $10,000 per month in just 18 months, it’s an incredible value.

What makes this concept a good fit for potential franchisees?

Any opportunity that can offer a proven ROI of over 20% annually by its second year is a good fit. Franchisees are looking for a structure that can generate revenue and build a business that has value for desirable exit strategies. It’s turn-key and simple, but has the potential ROI of some of the greatest franchises out there.

What qualities do you look for in potential franchisees?

When we look for franchisees and business partners of any kind, we look for people who are hungry for success, humble and smart. NuSpine’s potential isn’t unlocked without some ambition, and the success of our franchise is on the shoulders of the business owners that make up our team. We want ambitious team members that share the vision of the future of chiropractic.

What type of initial training do you offer new franchisees?

We have our franchisees make a trip to our corporate-owned clinics in Lincoln, NE for a three-day training seminar. After they have grasped the system of a successfully ran NuSpine clinic, we join them at their site and execute another three day seminar that is geared towards getting them up and running smoothly. Upon purchase of a franchise, franchisees are equipped with four manuals that answer every possible question. The manuals are Operations, Marketing, Scripts and Statistical Analysis and a plum full of valuable information. We know people don’t want to read four binders full of information so we have support professionals at their beckon call 24/7 to answer any questions they might have.

What kind of ongoing support do you offer?

Like we said, what differentiates us from our competitors is our chiropractor owned and operated corporate structure. Doctors will have full practice management professionals that are just a phone call away at any time to answer questions. They will also have the ability to schedule bi-weekly consultations with experienced professionals.

Similarly, they will have operations, scripting and marketing support from corporate professionals as well. The success of franchisees is the success of the entire organization, so our corporate team is built with the support of the franchisees in mind.

How have your most successful franchisees grown their franchises?

NuSpine’s operation is a researched system that has proven itself time and time again. So the clinics that have gone above and beyond in patient numbers and revenue are the ones that have executed the procedure with diligence and consistency. The best recipe for an exploding clinic is execution of the procedure and a focused engaged staff that intentionally creates relationships with the patients. That combination is the greatest way to make our clinics invaluable to the patients we serve.

What’s next for your franchise, both in the near future and long-term?

Our bread and butter is chiropractic adjustments at an affordable price, without the bells and whistles that run up a bill on consumers. So we don’t want to shy away from what makes us, us. However, there will come a time when a retail inventory may be possible. A section of our clinics that consist of nutritional supplements for discounted purchase, therapy tools (ice packs, heat packs, biofreeze, etc.) and other merchandise that could enhance the NuSpine experience for patients as well as boost revenue for our already lucrative locations. 

What advice can you offer potential franchisees?

My advice to potential franchisees is to do your homework on the industry. What makes NuSpine a great value and a wonderful opportunity is the niche that is being created by the changes in the healthcare (specifically chiropractic) industry. NuSpine is filling a void in a lucrative industry. As a business owner, you must do your research and really understand the reason your investment is going towards a business that can be profitable and sustainable through time and change.

Where can people find out more about NuSpine franchise opportunities?

Visit the website here.

Where can people find NuSpine on social media?