Sidestep Is a Step Ahead in the Coaching Category

Before starting Sidestep Coaching, Liam Brown had built 3 successful companies and spent 6 years as a professional speaker. Because of requests from attendees at his sales seminars, he started coaching entrepreneurs and contacts in service-based sectors. Seeing a gap in the marketplace, he applied his unique business ideas to these challenges and started Sidestep Coaching.

Brown, President and Founder of Sidestep Coaching, recently sat down with us to discuss what differentiates his franchise among others in its niche, makes this concept a good fit for potential franchisees and, lastly, what they tell potential franchisees about the profit potential of opening up one of their franchises.

Give us an overview of your franchise.

We provide business coaching, consulting and training seminars to small business owners who own service-based business. We focus on some key areas to help an owner reach a level of success that they have always dreamed of: marketing and lead generation, sales, building a team and operations.


How many units are there? 

Who are your biggest competitors?

Action Coach, Growth Coach

What differentiates your franchise among others in your niche?

Sidestep Coaching does not utilize a “one-size-fits-all” approach by trying to be all things to all businesses. Instead, Sidestep Coaching focuses on coaching to small businesses in the service-based sectors, one of the fastest-growing sectors in the US and Canadian business world. Because of this intense specialization, Sidestep is able to provide its clients with a more effective customized methodology that includes one-on-one coaching, group coaching, seminars and consulting projects.

What is the total investment to open a franchise?


What do you tell potential franchisees about the profit potential of opening up one of your franchises?

Because of the potential legal issues with franchise disclosure laws we are not allowed to give profit figures.

What makes this concept a good fit for potential franchisees?

It’s a great opportunity to work from home, not worry about needing to have office space, have staff, carry an inventory or purchase any special equipment. You can be up and running and generating revenues very quickly.

What qualities do you look for in potential franchisees?

Someone who has business experience, preferably in a leadership role, and wants to take control of their own professional life. More importantly, we look for people who have an unwavering desire to help others, are driven, forward-thinking and are passionate about seeing success achieved for others — and of course, themselves.

No direct coaching experience is required… you will be thoroughly trained through our exhaustive initial training and provided with full support (from daily support, weekly coaching calls, to 90-day plans that make sure you are staying on track and meeting your goals).

What type of initial training do you offer new franchisees?

Each new franchisee will go through a four-day intensive training program where they will learn our full coaching and business model. Of course, this is just the beginning. Once they are trained they will also have full support in marketing and growing their business. Ongoing support is everything when it comes a franchisee’s success.

What kind of ongoing support do you offer?

Support is everything when it comes a franchisee’s success, so along with the initial training we offer: weekly coaching calls, webinars, online training modules, 24/7 access to our web-based customer tracking system which house all of our tools and resources for franchisees.

Above all, though, we offer complete email and phone support (even if they want to speak daily!). Ensuring our franchisees are fully and completely supported will be a contributing factor to their success.

What’s next for your franchise, both in the near future and long-term?

We would like to have Sidestep franchise offices throughout the United States, Canada and Mexico, and our growth target is to have over 100 franchisees servicing these markets in the next five years as there is a major need for our type of coaching and programs.

What advice can you offer potential franchisees?

First, make sure that the franchise offers incredible support to the franchisees and is there to help, support and guide every step of the way. Second, make sure they have a unique offering and that there are proven systems, programs, relationships and actionable steps in place that you can take so that you can experience the same, if not greater, success in the business.

Third, in any business, it is people that are going to make the biggest impact on the success of you and your business; anyone can provide programs and a methodology but the people need to be there for you to help you walk the path, support you taking the action steps, help you side step the pitfalls and get YOU where you want to be. (I had my coaching hat on for that little spiel!). Lastly, you have to WANT IT. Buying into a franchise doesn’t necessarily mean you will realize your dreams overnight. Just like any business, it takes hard work and dedication — and a strong desire for success — to make it work.

Where can people get more information on Sidestep Coaching franchise opportunities?

Visit the website here.

Where can people find Sidestep Coaching on social media?