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How To Start A Legit Moving Company

Starting a moving company can be a smart and lucrative endeavor for any entrepreneur who is willing to put in the work. An average family moves once every five to seven years, ensuring that this service will never become obsolete, and meaning that there is money to be made in the moving business.

But many aspiring business owners make the mistake of underestimating what it takes to have a successful moving company. It takes more than just a few strong backs and a big truck, but hey you have start somewhere. Whether you want to be a successful local moving company like, Moving Service Beaverton or a national interstate moving company like United Van Lines, you will have to start out small just like them.

Like any other startup, a moving company requires the same amount of preparation. That includes a business plan, research, and financing. You can start off by taking small jobs for low pay, which is how most amateurs start. But I would advise not to start without the proper insurance or licensing because it may lead to some lawsuits. Instead, be smart, do your homework on other successful moving companies, and make a business plan that aligns with their success. Get your movers license, insurance, and any permits you may need. Then get cracking on prospecting for business.

Livreur Step 1

Once you’ve acquired your licensing and official papers try to think of ways to set yourself apart from the competition. Unfortunately, the moving industry is saturated by amateurs who take any job they can get for low pay. Because they don’t have a license, insurance, or any permits. Prospect and show your potential clients that you are the real deal. Don’t make your business so linear. Offer a variety of services, like moving and storage for in between moves, packing, unpacking, or loading labor without the whole moving truck part, and moving your clients in or out of state. By offering a variety of services, it allows you to accommodate a wider range of customers.

Step 2

 Make sure you receive training. Moving and packing doesn’t take too much brains, but there is a certain rhythm to it and you may learn a few tips or hacks. As we mentioned before, you want to separate yourself from the amateurs and training is something most moving companies overlook. In this business you handle other people’s most valuable goods for a living, so you want to ensure that you’re packing and loading the right way. As well, with the right training, you can train your employees, which will ensure that your movers are much more efficient, saving you time, space, and money.

Step 3

Every business starts out small, but as you develop you should plan to acquire adequate commercial space that will house your growing business. As time goes on your business will expand from one moving truck to five maybe even ten. If you have enough space, you can offer your customers storage in between moves.

Step 4

Next is purchasing all of the tools and supplies that make your services possible. If you have received proper financing you will want to purchase a moving truck first. Then slap on your DOT sticker, any association logos, and make sure your truck has all of its papers and permits. Purchase all of your moving tools, such as dollies, back braces, packing supplies, shrink wrap, moving pads, and ramps. You can purchase additional boxes and packing supplies to offer your customers as package kits to purchase.

Step 5

Contact an insurance company that can provide you with commercial insurance or business insurance and insurance that covers any damaged goods during a move. Every state has different requirements on movers insurance so it would be smart to research yours.

Step 6

Get your movers license and permits for your state or region. Contact your states Department of Transportation to obtain a DOT number. Additional licensing and registration maybe required depending on your state.


Step 7

Hire a crew or at least one other person to help you with labor. Put all of your employees through training, to ensure that everyone is on the same page when it comes to packing and loading. If your moving truck requires special licensing to drive your make sure you have someone in your staff other than yourself, who is licensed to drive.

Step 8

The final step is purchasing a website that market’s your company well. Giving an adequate description of your company and the services you offer. Make sure you provide information of cities you service, whether you are moving long-distance, local move, or both. Provide your viewers with your contact, insurance, licensing, and permit information. Many rouge moving companies will either have no website or they will have a website without a DOT number. This haulage company is a good example of a great website in a within a similar industry. Also, make sure your website can be used by your potential clients for help in planning their move. Provide them with a checklist or basic tips to moving.