How An App Can Make Trading Platforms Better!

This is a guest post for all you wannabe app developers and online traders out there. It is an example of  how you can take an every day online trading platform software development and make it better with a mobile app. This idea can be applied to any concept so those of you app developers out there, we hope you find it useful:

As a multibillion dollar business, online trading has attracted a large number of players from all walks of life. For traders, their trading platform is their main business tool. These trading platforms e.g. Ameritrade’s “Think of Swim” are supposed to provide users with a winning combination of analytics, information, charting and up to the minute reporting on the markets.

But Trading platforms are not always perfect

Existing trading platforms can have some disadvantages that could undermine the profitability of your trading business.

Key items a trader needs are:

  • Availability – your platform needs to be available from anywhere and at any time (crucial for online traders).
  • Functionality – you must have unlimited access to all functions such as financial data, orders, deals, and more.
  • Security – unauthorized access and a leak of financial information must be prevented.
  • Learnability – platforms need to be easy to learn and quickly master.

Unfortunately, trading platforms can be missing some or all of these features.

So can a Mobile App be a solution?

Experts from EffectiveSoft believe that the development of mobile financial apps can be a solution. For one, a mobile app is a flexible tool that is easy to use. It can also be accessed any time from a mobile device, thus ensuring high efficiency and effectiveness to its users. Consequently, traders can make a major step toward virtually unlimited income potential.

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Developers of such an application will have to solve a few problems though. Online traders today own mobile devices that use different OSes like iOS, Android, BlackBerry, and more. That is why a cross-platform app must be created.

The app also must also provide a high level of security to its users as it will contain a large amount of financial information. Therefore, all security threats must be eliminated to avoid financial data leakage of any kind.

Functionality is another very important feature the app must have. Traders have to monitor different stock performances, charts, market trends, currency rates etc. and they need accurate information fast. Ease of use and access are of paramount importance to traders.

The app needs to be very easy to use and user friendly so a new or seasoned trader can master it right away.

Custom business software is sure to assist a company with increased profitability and untapped opportunity. Could your business use an app? If so, make sure to partner up with an app development company that knows the features an app must contain to help lift your business to a new level of success.

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