One great thing about trade shows is you really get the opportunity to meet with dozens of franchises all at one time. You can speak with “their people,” see them face to face and discover if they may be a right fit for you. There also may be an opportunity out there that you find at the Expo, that you may never have thought of, but saw it and really liked.

Another great thing about trade shows is they often have a lot of training and education opportunities – which are wonderful if you are just starting out or even for a seasoned business person who just has more questions about franchising and wants to get it right.

It is not too late for 2016. CLICK HERE to check out the International Franchise Expo’s website to see the remaining expo dates for 2016 and the 2017 schedule.

CLICK HERE to check out their education schedule for “Buying A Franchise” because it is a good one.



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