Online Videocasting Tips For New Businesses

Videocasting can help you build your brand and company. It’s an excellent opportunity, one you don’t want to miss out on. So what is a videocast?

Instead of just putting up a website and having people look at your pages, you can create a video with interesting power point pop ups that makes your customer feel like the know who you are and gives them all sorts of interesting information.

Here are a few tips to help you create your first Videocast ever:


Understand Your Marketing Channel

If you want to make the most out of your videocasts, make sure you understand how your marketing channels work. The Entrepreneur says that social media is often used in three ways: to build up brand awareness, to monitor a brand and to launch new products. Once you know which tactic you’re doing, you can plan for a better videocast.


Go with a Reliable System

An excellent web conferencing system can let you do so much more than one with zero frills, so make sure you select a system from a reliable and trustworthy company. Online videocasting through BlueJeans is a sound option and should provide you with enough bells and whistles to make you happy. With a ton of features, you can make a videocast or host online events with BlueJeans Primetime. It’s a great interactive tool to add to your communication platform. And the best part is the high-resolution screen that offers the best multimedia experience for you and your customers.


Choose Multi-Point Functionality

As more and more people insist on more flexible solutions at work—from telecommuting opportunities to teams operating remotely—the ability to access software from any number of devices is becoming the norm. Don’t get left behind when you choose an online multimedia solution. Make sure yours offers the same flexibility so that you and your team can easily create your videocasts whenever and wherever you happen to be. That “anytime, anywhere” access is going to simplify your life in the best way.


video_casting2Combine It with Social Media

That videocast isn’t going anywhere, though, no matter how cool, awesome, or hands-down exceptional it is… unless you combine your efforts with social media. If your website is your calling card—as it contains your information and contact number—then your social media channel is the gateway to your customers. The rapid-response feature of social media gives your business the opportunity to reach out and take part in the lives of your customers. It makes for an entirely different kind of professional relationship, one that’s casual, friendly and human, which is a major departure from the stilted business-speak companies used to rely on. If you want to make an impact, don’t ignore your social media.


Pay Attention to the Lighting

Proper lighting makes a difference, says the Social Media Examiner. Expect to spend a bit of money on the right equipment to ensure that the lighting is just right. Don’t have the budget for it? No worries. You can incorporate natural light into your videocasts as much as possible to compensate for the lack of equipment. That’s going to help heaps in making your products appear in the best possible light.


You’ll Need Photography Skills

There’s a difference between photos anybody can take from those taken by a pro. If you want to launch your products seriously, you need to get in touch with a professional photographer to help you show your products well. Their training and skill will ensure customers who view your products end up liking what they see. If you only rely on your own skills, you could end up with a mess of photographs that could drive away your customers instead of drawing them in. From blurry shots to muggy close ups, consumers are going to think twice before they go for your products. Keep that from happening by hiring a pro for photos that look professional and will embody everything that your customers will love.


It’s All in the Details

Make sure you don’t forget about the product details. Talk about the winning features of your product or service during the videocast. Provide information on where customers can go to buy or get more information. Think of it as your call-to-action section. By ending with an excellent CTA, you subtly direct customers to where you want them to go: back to your site for orders. If you don’t provide this detail, you lose your chance of getting them to come and visit your site or knock on your door.


Master the Distribution Channels

While YouTube remains in the number one spot, there are other online channels out there. Make sure you check which ones are popular with your target market and go from there. By knowing how those channels work, you’ll know how you can rank your content better and how to design it in a way that generates more likes and shares.



Innovation is always good for a business, so don’t let your organization fall behind. By learning how to take advantage of technologies like videocasting, you’re not just building your brand and credibility online. In all the ways that matter, you’re keeping your business alive by showing the competition what you’ve got.

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