AUTONOMY IN THE WORKPLACE: How Ownership Improves Results

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Modern day professionals are given a lot of day to day responsibilities. Instead of keeping employees under a magnifying glass to keep them in line, managers must rely on them and their capabilities. Even at an associate level, employees are being trusted to do crucial tasks that contribute to overall operations and performance of the company.

In order for employees to buy-in and take on this added responsibility, a company needs to implement a culture of autonomy and ownership. When taught about ownership and autonomy, professionals tend to develop an intrinsic drive to work harder, meet goals and exceed expectations.

Ownership is also a core value that must be reinforced on a regular basis in the workplace. That way it will become a part of a company’s culture and attitude.


It Begins With Leadership

As a trickle-down effect, the top members of an organization must first set the standard so the key to success begins with the managers. They need to transmit and reiterate practices that promote an autonomous atmosphere. This is an important aspect in ensuring the culture permeates throughout the company.

For one, managers must show lower level employees how important continuing education is for themselves and the company. For this to happen, manager themselves must take courses, read daily relevant articles and share noteworthy, relevant material to their teams. With this, employees will be encouraged to continue their training and continuously read articles from websites such as The culture should be for managers and staff to spend 5-10 minutes a day on improving their knowledge. A morning time slot that is allocated to this can be a useful tool.

When an employee is being educated and learning new things it makes them feel good and often can be inspiring. They can apply the new things they have learned, teach them to others within the company and this may subconsciously impact their overall attitude and decision making process for the better – throughout the day.

 It Must be a Personal Decision

Despite all of the efforts made by leadership, if your employees don’t buy-in, none of this will work. Each employee will need to embrace an ownership attitude in their own way. It is something that is appropriated differently by everyone.

For employees who embrace it, it will be applied to everything they do. Performance will improve thanks to a new, self-imposed sense of responsibility they feel. Associates know they are held accountable in the workplace. Now they will be asking themselves whether their efforts are honest and will they add value to the company before they do them.

Improving your company’s image

As collaborators embrace accountability and choose to step up more, they will become more valuable to your company as well. With more autonomy, their knowledge levels and responsibilities are increasing and they are becoming great leaders. Your clients will certainly notice this and the value of your business is certain to rise as well.

A Step Into A Superior Workforce

Transitioning from a regularly monitored operations team to a fully autonomous one can be difficult but the results are worth it. Your associates become more satisfied, happier and better leaders and now you can all focus on the bigger picture; sales, growth and improvement.

Keep in mind that ownership and accountability are an attitude, rather than a mode of operation. Once your managers set the standard for your culture, you employees will implement them and the transition can be very smooth. Employees want more autonomy and authority and as the world is changing so quickly, continuing education is absolutely paramount to one’s success. is a startup based in Silicon Valley, with remote and autonomous teams in three different regions worldwide. Dedicated to providing the best homework help available, their operations are constantly on the track of improvement as a startup.