Help Your Team Flourish with Microsoft Technology

Help Your Team Flourish with Microsoft Technology

Office technology is something that is always evolving and developing into something that was only ever once imagined. As the effects of technology become further widespread and implemented more frequently across industries, we can achieve new heights of productivity and creativity.

In fact, technology has the ability to streamline processes and make daily tasks seem easier, and it’s more readily accepted now than ever before. Let’s face it – we live in the said ‘digital age,’ and it’s vital that our businesses keep up to date for fear of being left behind and letting our competitors get the advantage.

When it comes to your business, productivity is most probably the key to fulfilling your goals. The benefits of having a productive workforce can bring your company invaluable amounts of competitive edge and technology could help you achieve it – if used optimally.


Technology in the workplace

Office Technology is not just the computers that you and your workforce sit in front of every day, nor just the phones in your hands. It can be anything from an integrated phone system to a good internet connection, but in order to reach effective collaboration and completion of tasks to a high standard, you really need to go further than that. You need to implement the PROPER technology. Otherwise, constant and easy access to the online world can create more procrastination than anything else.

Collaborative tools can offer new perspectives and allow your team to work together in ways that open up a world of possibilities such as managing real-time project trackers with your clients in another country, or hosting seamless staff meetings when no one can make it to the office. It can go above and beyond, and entirely change the way you work! Great technology encourages creativity and brings people together in one flexible office space.

Existing processes, such as meeting rooms or discussions boards, or even sessions to come up with new projects for your clients, can be improved tenfold and brought back to life. Microsoft Surface Hub can help make this a reality, but how?


Collaborative devices

Built with teamwork in mind, a collaborative device such as Microsoft Surface Hub can bring departments together in a coherent manner. Providing such a solution to your company could benefit everyone, whether you need a constructive meeting place or just somewhere to jot down your ideas.

Microsoft Surface Hub greets you with a large interactive screen; impressive, but it’s also so much more than that. With various integrated Software, Apps, and features to take advantage of, unlocking the creativity within your team has never been easier.

Large screen apps transform your office into a modern workplace, and enhance efficiency and focus during meetings when you’re all in the same room. If you need to include people from other parts of the country or those who simply couldn’t make it to the office today, the integrated video communication comes in handy! With many features only needing one touch to start, Microsoft Surface Hub feels natural when it comes to usability, even if you’re not the most computer-savvy person in your office.  Sharing your ideas on a creative canvas with fluid, responsive ink means teamwork has never been easier – especially when you can share your whiteboard discussion as a file with the group afterward.

Finding its place in many different industries, from large-scale corporations to medical professionals and everything in between, Microsoft Surface Hub allows you to interact both with those in the room and those further afield. Schedule meetings ahead of time, or invite people ad hoc in order to get another opinion on a discussion.

Microsoft Surface Hub gives you the ability to change the way you work for the better, encouraging engaging meetings and extensive collaboration. Giving your team the chance to flourish. This type of technology is an investment worth every penny!