Electricians: Spend More Time Making Money and Less Time Trying to Find Work


“I’m making 4 times what I used to make as a self employed electrician,”
– Damian Leahy

You heard right. FCF Fire and Electrical helps good electricians build great businesses. Their award-winning Franchising System is helping electricians achieve their goals of increased revenue for less work time. How? By specializing in the Fire Safety industry. This provides regular ongoing income streams from fire safety maintenance as opposed to living from contract to contract as an electrician.

History of FCF Fire & Electrical

Back in 2008, after working for a large multinational firm, Jacob Foster started FCF Fire and Electrical. The main driving force behind his decision to start the company was to provide affordable services to clients who were often overcharged by large multinationals.

The tremendous growth and success of the company’s local office in Hervey Bay compelled the company to come up with ways to service the needs of the highly demanding and rapidly growing market. All fingers pointed at franchising because it’s a proven business model. Franchising allows entrepreneurs to plug into a proven successful idea and system. Franchisees can focus on running their businesses, rather than coping to adjust midstream.

Benefits of becoming an FCF Fire Safety Franchise

Group Buying Power

Being part of the group makes a huge difference. And that includes the ability to gain wholesaler group discounts. FCF Fire and Electrical also looks at business insurance, car insurance, fuel accounts and more, which also translates to extra savings than an individual business.


FCF Fire and Electrical franchise incorporates training for both owners and staff. That means one can take time off while an office manager and field staff ensure your business continues to operate even without supervision. FCF Fire and Electrical helps you to be independent by having a team you can count on.

The franchise gains you immediate brand recognition so you can start your business right away. Becoming part of a trusted industry name builds instant trust with clients.

Business Administration

Live SimPRO software enables you to carry out administrative tasks and to schedule and track jobs from start to finish. Such innovative technology saves you plenty of time and money.

Income Maximization

The company also provides effective strategies for developing your own client base and repeat business.


Are you suitable for the job?

The best FCF Fire and Electrical franchisee is one who is honest and has great work ethic. Focus and customer care are also critical as they come in handy when building and maintaining relationships with clients.

Do I need premises or hire staff?

Most franchisees start off at home, so with just enough space to store a few pieces of equipment such as fire extinguishers, logbooks, tags and any other things needed for day-to-day operations, you’re good to go. About a year into the business, it’s common to hire staff to meet the needs and demands of the growing business. With a team of about three or four, it’s advisable to move into official business premises.

What training is involved to become a Franchisee?

Being a franchisee involves a two-and-a-half-week comprehensive training that includes everything from the basics to sales invoicing. It also includes live training that equips you with the skills to push a product across. After training one also gets help from technical and field support.

How to Apply?

Application is easy. All you need is to contact the company, and they will forward out more information. Visit FCF Fire and Electrical and contact us today. There will be paperwork to complete and the company will then set up a meeting, either in person or via Skype.

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