Delicious Jerky

Source: Shopify happen almost entirely by chance. I had been wanting to start an ecommerce store of my own, but didn’t know what I wanted to sell. The only reason I landed on jerky was because I decided if I got distracted and didn’t end up selling it, at least I could eat it.

We didn’t know a thing about the jerky business before we started. We started with one vendor and a few flavors. We chose a domain name in under 30 minutes (it was terrible). Original it was called! We were thinking along the lines of the soup nazi from Seinfeld, others didn’t share our viewpoint. We decided to switch about 60 days in when we noticed vendors weren’t calling us back. It was all about making incremental forward progress and not getting stuck by having to make the perfect decision. We switched the name and everything worked out fine.


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