Real-Time Marketing: How to Use Trending Moments to Reach a Larger Audience

Source: Shopify

I don’t care much for football. But I do care about this:

An average of 114.4 million American TV viewers watched the Super Bowl in 2015.

And that’s a conservative depiction of potential viewership when you consider how many people are going to stream the event this year and the flood of tweets that’ll come from those following along on Twitter.

It’s not just the Super Bowl—the Grammys, the Oscars, and other high-profile events all present great opportunities for brands to be part of big conversations.

But the reason you should follow these events, even if you’ve got no interest in them, is because they tend to produce some of the best opportunities for real-time marketing, or “moment marketing”, where brands race to position themselves to be part of the buzz as it happens.

Why are these events so good at creating viral conversations?


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