4 Ways To Conquer Online Marketing

4 Ways To Conquer Online Marketing

Technology has certainly changed the way things are done. By looking at the proposed Fintech trends for this year, you can tell there is no other direction technology is going but up. Big corporate got the memo a few years ago, and we can see the scramble for the crème at the top, with virtually every company taking up online marketing. Strategies are being refined, and the work has begun.

Ways to Get Noticed

  • Smart Optimization

Google, the largest and indeed most important search engine, uses a special algorithm to rank sites. It also uses a unique algorithm to rank searches when an item is entered. For your article, blog, or website to find its way to first page, you have to optimize in a smart way. Apply the keyword too many times, and you might just get penalized for it, or underutilize it, and you get lost in the millions of similar sites. The best way to go about optimization is by hiring an expert who knows their way around the topic, preferably one who has been around through the numerous changes of Google’s algorithm, such as Wisdekcorp.

  • Killer Content

Content is king, people. It not only needs to be well written but also relevant to your niche. The people visiting your site will not be looking for presentation alone; they will want to get the information they seek. Your current web surfer is a skimmer; they skim through the content to see whether what you have is beneficial to them and if it is not, they will pass. They move on so fast to find content that meets their needs. The tricky thing about content is that it needs to not only be informative but also engaging enough to keep them reading beyond the first two lines.

Why? We are a busy people, with only so much time to spare before moving on to other ventures. If you cannot write content that catches the eye in the first few lines, then hire someone who can.

  • Presentation

Everyone loves aesthetically appealing presentation. You capture more attention through graphic presentation than you do with blocks of writing (no matter how informative). Videos, which made a bold entry last year – what with Facebook launching the “Live” feature – are certainly here to stay. You can use videos to attract a larger following, which will bring more awareness to your brand.

  • Data Insights

When you collect all their relevant data from the various digital sources, you could turn it into quite useful information that will enable you to move your brand a notch higher. You could, for example, note when it is the best time to post something on your online channel to maximize engagement with your online community.

 Parting Shot

A user-friendly site will attract and retain users – whom you can convert to sales. If you reckon they could help, you could make use of affiliate sites to pull crowds. Affiliate marketers make marketing bliss by spreading the work to other online users that you would otherwise have not known about.