3 Tips to Sell Your Home Fast for Business Cash

3 Tips to Sell Your Home Fast for Business Cash

In need of working capital for your business? Perhaps you need to let go of some properties. In this case, you’re looking at selling your house. But how can you make your home more pleasing  so you can sell it fast and get that cash for your business? Simple: fix up that kitchen. Here’s how..

Begin your home beautification in the kitchen. Here are 3 design tips to help you get started:

Today’s kitchen is more than a place where food is prepared. It is a place where the family’s share meals and go over their day’s happenings. Today the dining room in most houses has moved to the kitchen and great room areas so families can spent more time together eating, playing, talking and so on. If you are getting ready to sell and want to sell fast – perhaps to grab some cash to get your business started, you really need to take a look at your kitchen area. Is it open and family style? Can food be served immediately from the stove? Is it organized and modern? Chances are, if it is, your house will sell faster and for more money – and if you are looking to generate cash and have limited funds for fixing up, we highly recommend you work on the kitchen.

Make your kitchen a fun place to be. It should be every bit as inviting as the rest of the house – if not more so. Do you have the budget for custom kitchen cabinets and other modern appliances? If not, both Home Depot and Lowe’s have very nice stock cabinets that can make any kitchen look great with some updated hinges and hardware for not a lot of money. Remember too, a great kitchen should not only be beautiful, it should also be well laid out, open and provide a triangle between the sink, stove and refrigerator for easy food preparation.

For those of you who are interested in updating your kitchen either to sell your house or for your own personal use, find below some expert advice on how to go about it:


What style do you prefer?

There are different kitchen styles that you can explore when planning to give your kitchen a facelift. You could decide to go for a contemporary, classic or even a modern look. Some people prefer their kitchen to be high tech. Whatever your preference; make sure your appliances fit the look of that kitchen style. Keep in mind, however, many people mix different looks together. One example might be to mix traditional and modern together for an eclectic look.


Think about layout

Remember again your work triangle. The main aim of this design is to ease the cooks job in the kitchen. Some modern kitchen designs disregard this work triangle but we think this is a mistake. The design is still extremely functional and useful and most cooks really prefer to have it. When thinking of design, think about layout and how the appliances will be arranged. Try placing most appliances away from where people can sit and work.


Kitchen cabinets and counter tops       

You will have to make a decision on whether you will keep the existing cabinets in the kitchen or whether buying a new one will be better. This will also be influenced by the style that you decided was good for the kitchen. You will also have to choose between a fitted kitchen and a mix and match. When it comes to counter tops, you want one that is of the best quality to be able to withstand all the work that it will be used for. There are many more things that you can shop to improve your home or kitchen’s look. You can go online and visit Murray Lampert for expert suggestion that will help you to improve the beauty of your home or kitchen

Keep in mind there are many more things that you can do to improve your home or kitchen’s look. You can go online and visit choosechi.com for expert suggestion that will help you to improve the beauty of your home or kitchen.

So if you are looking to flip houses, sell your house or refinance for business capital, or just do a kitchen remodel for your family to enjoy, remember…always start with the kitchen. An update can be as simple as a paint job and a few new appliances to an entire new layout with custom cabinetry and new, stainless appliances. Whatever you choose, you can rest assured, if you do it right, you can add a lot of value and desirability to your home.


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