5 Ways to Improve Your Employee’s Productivity

As soon as employees start their 8-hour day, it’s a given that many issues can arise. If you are running a business, and you want to ensure your employees are happy, comfortable and working for the best interest of your business, there are some things you can do to help. The following article lists a few.

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1. Office Temperature:

Keep your employees comfortable. It sounds silly but it can really be a very big deal for your employees. If you own a business and you have many employees, you will find that everyone has a different comfort level. Some people will always be cold and others will be warm and that is just a fact of life. One thing you can do, when you are renting office space, talk to the landlord about the heating system. As you are doing your build out, that is the time when you want to discuss and perhaps improve the location and amount of temperature controls, the placement of vents, and the possibility of allowing several employees or just one office manager to be in charge of office temperature.

For offices with sunny windows, you might need to provide shades, fans, etc.


2. Physical Comfort

As your employees will spend a large proportion of their day sitting at their desks, make sure you create a comfortable environment for them. This will ensure they are healthy, happy, and productive.

You don’t have to break the bank either, just make sure you take the time you research options that are designed for health and comfort. There are used office furniture stores everywhere so do a google search near you and see if you cant save some money on some good quality furniture.

3. Restore privacy

Open work spaces became a hugely popular tactic in the ’90s to increase collaboration. However, some studies have shown that open workspaces can actually be counterproductive. Although we understand it’s not financially feasible to give your employees their own office, it’s important you have an office that allows employees some quiet, privacy and the ability to focus. Having a dedicated area specifically for focusing can deter the employees who insist on talking about last night’s football game.

4. Streamline your office

As a business owner, especially when you are starting out, a small space might be all you can afford. Be sure you set things up in an efficient way and be creative and do things like Stacking Chairs when you are not using them and pull them all out when you have a meeting, visitors, etc. Can the conference room also be the lunch room with strict rules to keep it clean and a scheduler for meetings so it is kept open and available when needed for important client meetings. Can you rent a storage space to keep extra furniture and files if you are short on space?

Most employees don’t feel productive in offices set up with little focus. Make sure the space you set up functions well for your employees and offers them a convenient and usable work space with printers, adequate office supplies and so on. It’s probably worthwhile to do some creative brainstorming to figure out the different ways you can streamline the office

If you are a business owner you already know that a team of productive employees is essential to any business, especially when you are starting out. You must rely on the people you hire to work productively in order to grow your company and take it to the next level. While you might not start out thinking about the comfort level of your staff, it is a critical element to your success and worth planning for. Making sure you implement these strategies and more will help create a happier, more productive working environment.


























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