Keep Your Staff Motivated Through a Long Sales Incentive


A sales incentive can sometimes go on for weeks, or even months, at a time. Events and incentive provider, Corporate Rewards, explains how you can keep staff engaged throughout even the longest sales incentives.


Outline the goal

It is important that your entire sales team is aware of what they are working towards, highlighting what they stand to gain from performing well in a sales incentive.

This could be a travel trip, vouchers, or other prizes. The key to keeping a sales team engaged and motivated is reiterating that it is something they could achieve.

Provide feedback and updates

Throughout an incentive, you need to keep staff informed of progress towards targets, time left on the incentive, and update on performance.

Keeping staff aware of how they are progressing throughout an incentive can either be a motivating factor if they are doing well. Or in the case they aren’t performing or reaching targets, it becomes an opportunity to reassess and provide additional training and guidance.

This can help to keep overall performance on track and solve any underlying issues in terms of poor performance.

It can be easy to introduce an incentive to your team and have them immediately forget about it while carrying out their other work and day to day tasks. Frequent updates, even as a part of a daily briefing for example, allows you to keep the incentive front of mind with staff and remind them of the targets they have and the potential prize if they succeed.

Maintain momentum

Over a longer incentive, it can sometimes be difficult to maintain momentum. In a retail environment, for example, if an incentive runs for a number of weeks it might be worth launching smaller internal challenges to maintain enthusiasm and use short term goals to build towards something larger.

For example, if the main incentive is based on sales of a particular product, you could see who has sold the most over a weekly period and give that staff member a small reward.

This helps to provide a more immediate focus, which, especially in a busy retail environment, helps keep the goal of the main incentive in mind. The smaller internal incentives help retain focus while still keeping staff working towards a final end goal.

Another way to maintain momentum is to provide a means to visualize the end goal. Set up a board in the staff room that allows staff to view progress, the targets they have to achieve, and the team’s overall progress or standings in the incentive.

Providing frequent information to staff about an incentive, looking at their performances, and charting progress are all ways to ensure the incentive runs smoothly. And also provide a perfect way to help ensure that momentum and enthusiasm towards a sales incentive doesn’t wane, driving your staff or sales teams towards success.


What are you doing in your business to keep your staff motivated? Let us know!








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