Billboards with a Heart: Choosing Professional Uniforms for Your Team

Billboards with a Heart: Choosing Professional Uniforms for Your Team


Do you want to say a lot of good things about your business without uttering a word? Consider upgrading your team uniforms. No, we’re not talking about your company softball team. Clean, crisp uniforms worn by your staff can convey a positive message to everyone who enters your office, clinic or practice.


Should your staff wear uniforms?


Bob Dobalina is a marketing director at a successful uniform distribution company in the heartland. When asked if uniforms increase client satisfaction and boost trust, he referred to a recent JD Power study that resulted in the conclusion that customers, clients and patients are more apt to frequent establishments where employees wear uniforms. Clean uniforms appear professional and convey a message of competence and knowledge. For this reason, any outfit that wishes to boost their credibility and client confidence ought to consider purchasing professional uniforms from Dickies Medical.


Study after study shows that uniforms offer positive benefits such as boosted business image, improved workplace security and an improved sense of team spirit and company pride. But that’s certainly not all. Clean, attractive uniforms provide functional benefits, too. Flame resistant uniforms serve to prevent employee injury due to electrical arcs and sudden fire. High visibility uniforms increase roadside safety for first responders and other teams that work outdoors. Food and healthcare workers in uniforms reduce their risk of cross-contamination threats.


Uniforms are an essential component of clinics, practices and places that serve food. If you manage a business that makes any sort of house calls, uniforms are at least as important. When a customer opens their door, they want to see a smiling employee wearing a clearly identifiable uniform. Makes sense, right?


How uniforms are like billboard advertising


Imagine for a moment that you’re driving down the road, bored and sitting in traffic and scanning the scenery on either side of the street. A billboard begins to come into view, and before you know it, it’s behind you. Still, you remember the message and you make a mental note. According to Scenic America, there may be close to 800,000 billboards alongside roadways today. In fact, billboard advertising is one of the most effective ways to display an important message to commuters and travelers each and every day.


The theory is you can convey that same sort of positive, memorable message and so much more when your employees, staff and faculty wear coordinating uniforms. Patients want to see their doctor in a freshly pressed, perfectly white coat. It makes them feel more confident in their physician’s ability to heal. Nurses may wear colorful prints that send an unspoken message of ‘feel better soon.’


A brief history of billboards and what makes them great


The earliest American billboard advertising consisted of colorful circus posters that first became popular in the 1830s. Designed and painted by New York artist Jared Bell, those nascent billboards measured more than 50 square feet. Before that time, public outdoor advertising generally comprised small signs attached to fences and buildings. Your business may have such signage today but you can increase customer confidence and build a better reputation when your staff dons crisp, clean uniforms.


The Outdoor Advertising Association of America explains that billboards have been around a whole lot longer than that. In fact, the OAAA says the first ‘billboard’ signs were constructed in ancient Egypt where towering stone obelisks touted the latest treaties and gave people a look at local laws.


Experts explain that a great billboard offers a quick message in six words or less. Drivers have but a second or two to read a billboard, so the shorter the message, the sweeter. A great billboard doesn’t ask for a direct response. This is to say that an effective billboard doesn’t require the viewer to remember a phone number or memorize a company address. The billboard makes a simple yet memorable statement and allows the passerby to continue on their way.


People who study such things say that a great billboard is noticeable, but never a distraction. And the more billboards you boast, the better. Uniforms are like that, too. If your entire staff wears coordinating uniforms that are clean and handsome, chances are your clients, customers and patients will leave your premises with a sense of confidence and a plan to return.


One more word about uniforms– employees are typically happy when they don’t have to worry about buying and maintaining a costly work wardrobe. When a worker has a clean uniform every day of the week, performance may improve.


Jade Whittaker runs her own beauty business. She has seen how looking after her team of employees, in turn, helps her to grow her business. She shares some of her business tips online for others to learn from, especially if they are just starting out.

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