Quick Pointers to Enhance Your Website’s Content Marketing Program

Quick Pointers To Enhance Your Website’s Content Marketing Program

This is an excellent article on content marketing for your website. While it was written with medical practice organizations in mind, the tips apply to any type of business that has a website and is interested in attracting customers and building a strong lead marketing list.

With over 15 million people worldwide having cosmetic surgery each year, it’s safe to say that the demand for cosmetic surgery procedures is bigger than ever before. Procedures within the US seem to be one of the most prevalent.

Americans spent a colossal $10.1 billion on plastic surgery last year alone, suggesting that many people wanting to get a cosmetic procedure are willing to pay a very large amount for it. However, the downside to this recent boom in cosmetic surgery is the increase in competition, with cosmetic surgery clinics all over the world competing to attract new customers.

If you or someone you know is looking to improve their surgery’s marketing strategies, (or any other type of business) you’ll be pleased to know that there are numerous methods that can be used right away to instantly increase competitiveness and overall success. Below you’ll find some key tips to perk up your practice, guaranteed to kick-start an increase in customers and sales!

  1. Emphasize content

Many people assume marketing is all about pricing and making worthwhile offers to new potential clients/customers. While this is somewhat true, there is still one aspect of a cosmetic surgery’s practice that is even more important: content.

What’s the point in having a sophisticated, attractive looking website if you don’t have any useful content to back it up? In addition to finding the best possible surgeon for the procedure they’re looking for, potential clients want information they can use and will educate them. People would not visit your site unless they had some sort of interest in cosmetic procedures. It is essential you utilize this and provide as much useful content as possible. Always encourage your visitors to stick around and see your practice as their number 1 option.

Generating leads and making them convert isn’t as easy as it sounds, so it’s essential you learn how to include content into your overall marketing strategy without getting lost in the process. Therefore, getting some expert help with your cosmetic surgery marketing will be extremely useful, and give a much better chance of more clients, more appointments, and more money.

The point is to start building an email list. You might want to offer a “lead magnate” for visitors on your site. It should be relevant to whatever it is you do. For instance, if you are a dermatologist, you might offer a free guide such as “Top 10 ways to make your skin absolutely glow this summer.” Once people download your guide (guide needs to be filled with 10 EXCELLENT tips), you will have potential clients names on your email list. You can begin a email marketing campaign from there. Use this list to announce the new products you carry, that it’s time for a client’s annual check up or that you have a new online booking system they really need to check out.

Hopefully you can see this is a great way to start building an excellent rapport with your clients.

2. Use an online booking system

No matter what type of practice you have, there are times when you are busy, your office is closed or your staff is away from the desk. There is no reason in the world in this day to not offer potential customers a method of booking appointments after hours. (Again, this goes for most business models).

Using an online booking software that directly syncs with your practice’s calendar will allow customers to see your availability, as well as notify you of any bookings that have been made overnight. You may be surprised to know that quite a lot of cosmetic surgery clinics still don’t offer this, so you’ll be giving your practice a competitive edge by including this step. If people can’t book appointments at a time that’s convenient for them, they will simply go elsewhere; you don’t want to risk sales just because customers aren’t able to get in touch. This tip is certainly true for all service business types from booking hair appointments to dog sitting; and everything else in between.

3. Send regular emails to your leads

Once your content and online booking methods have successfully generated new leads, it’s vital to keep your practice on their radar – the easiest way is through email marketing.

Sending one email a month is more than enough, and marketing them as ‘monthly is a great method of doing this. In addition to providing useful information they can use straight to their inbox, you’re keeping your practice at the forefront of your leads’ minds. This means that, when the time comes for them to book an appointment and go ahead with a procedure, they’ll instantly think of your practice because you’ve consistently stayed in touch.

Cosmetic surgery marketing isn’t a walk in the park, simply because of how competitive the niche has become. However, the above tips are a sure-fire way to give any practice an effective edge and, if you incorporate outside help and advice from the experts, you’re almost guaranteeing a boom in procedures and sales for your clinic!

Scott Harvey works for a marketing company that deals with a variety of client needs each month. His informative articles are aimed at business owners to help them understand what they need to market their business.

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