5 Business Ideas To Start On Your Smartphone

5 Business Ideas to Start on Your Smartphone

People are smart these days, and there is a reason why that is.

Here is a business case example: When the world learned that a brick-and-mortar outfit was not going to be able to make it without a bit of e-commerce, websites sprung up and made history. But did the buck stop rolling there? Certainly not! A paradigm shift happened, and what we notice now is that most youngsters with the business itch have begun using their mobile phones to start a venture. And some of them have become very successful, too.

If you want to be a successful mobile business entrepreneur, here are five businesses that you can start just by using your smartphone! Take a look:


Mobile App Development 

Let’s face it. In the world of smartphones and iPhones, we need our apps to function nice and smooth. People are willing to pay for and download apps—but only if they are worth it and are cost-effective. For those of you that have a penchant for app development or have a great idea for one or many, you create an app. You can even run it from your mobile, too. There are lots of developers out there willing to help you develop your app and turn it into a reality and hopefully a very large business in the near future.

Mobile Application Development


Mobile Translation Services

If you have an affinity for languages and are extremely good with them, mobile translation could be a way to make money and start up your own business. The demand for translators and interpreters is huge these days. You can take advantage by getting ready a talented pool of translators and interpreters. You can work from any location and at any time. A smartphone with a computer and high-speed internet access is basically what you need. That’s it. Your idea can help bring people closer and communicate better!



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Mobile Salons and Spas

From massages to skin therapies, hair care to makeup and hairdressing, too, mobile salons have sprung up on play stores and app shopping lists like never before. Mobile spas have already begun to source high-end clients, people who need services at their doorsteps instead of having to visit a salon. Since the world is fast-paced these days, people have less time and their schedules are tight. Mobile salons collaborate with salons in the area closest to the client, along with reputed coupon websites that give huge discounts and incentives to customers. Customers get the pampering they need through your mobile app, and you get paid a commission.



Mobile Grooming for Pets

Most people have pets at home, and getting them to the groomer can be a huge chore. Why not start a business as a mobile groomer, have an app and provide service right at your customer’s door? Clients hate to waste time searching for just the right place to go. With a mobile app they can find you right away and schedule with you to have you come take care of their pooch in a jiffy. You do need the right type of grooming training for this business, and some tools, but you can also create an app that schedules appointments for other groomers and make a commission as jobs are booked and paid for.



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Mobile Gardening

Through the year, a bunch of flowers and heavenly greens in all shapes and sizes can make us feel happy. In 2017, you can help gardening enthusiasts further hone their skills or teach them the art of organic gardening or whatever it is they are interested in. Most people don’t have the time to clip and snip their lawns or home gardens. Here is where gardening mobile apps can come in handy. Take requests from clients, send over designated gardeners to do the job, and offer competitive package deals for residential and corporate folks alike. Make the world a more colorful place through your own mobile gardening app.



Think about these ideas, and do let us know if you have other ideas for a mobile business.




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