Ready for an Indulgent Winter Break? Check out These Online Activities

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Once the holidays have past, you’ll probably be ready for a winter break. Perhaps your online store will have hit or exceeded all of your sales targets for December. Or maybe your freelancing business will have kept you unusually busy all through the holidays. So once the festivities are behind you, pat yourself on the back, put your feet up, and enjoy some well-earned rest. While you’re at it, allow yourself to indulge in some lazy online activities while the snow falls outside and the wind howls around the eaves.

However, you don’t have to think of your winter break as a totally unproductive time. You might get some notions for new ways to promote your business while you’re cozied up next to the fireplace and surfing the Internet. Or—who knows?—you might even come up with a bright idea for a new side hustle.


Here are some suggestions to get you started.


Socialize on Social Media

Catch up with friends and family on Facebook. Post photos you took over the holidays on Instagram. For example, if you did any traveling over the holidays, give your friends a chance to enjoy your trip vicariously. Otherwise, post pictures of the kids on Christmas morning, eyes bright, hair mussed, excited to discover what Santa left behind.

But don’t stop there. While your creative juices are flowing, jot down your ideas for a new Facebook ad campaign. Don’t worry about getting it perfect. That will come later, when you’re back at work on your business for real again. For now, just take note of the ads your competitors and others are running, and let their creativity spark your own.

Then for more online activities, hop on over to Instagram for more inspiration. However, don’t get too hung up on being productive. This is your winter break, after all.

And while you’re at it, don’t forget your Twitter followers. Give them some entertainment while you’re there. If all you do is slam them with promotional tweets all the time, and never give them a real reason to continue following you, you’re going to lose them, right and left. So have a little fun with your online activities while you’re there. Trust me. It will pay off big time down the road.


Gain Some Wisdom on Wikipedia

Browsing Wikipedia on a winter day can lead you down all sorts of interesting roads. The “free encyclopedia that anyone can edit” offers itself up for your indulgence. Here, you’ll find not only the news of the day but also the wisdom of the ages. Make a donation during your visit to round out your holiday giving and keep this worthwhile site up and running.


Enjoy Some Music or a Belly Laugh on YouTube

You’ll find all kinds of videos on YouTube, from instructional videos and online courses, to Ted Talks, to music videos, and even some standup comedy. Let your mind and body take a break and just enjoy. And who knows? You might just learn something about yourself or our world that you never knew before.


Take a Chance with Online Gambling

Normally, you’re not a gambler, you say. You work too hard for your money to want to throw it away.

online activities
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However, there’s nothing wrong with placing a small wager at one of the new online gambling operations that are cropping up all over the Internet. Some have real-time chat rooms, statistics on other players, and bonus creation options. Others even offer promo codes. However, for your safety, do make sure that the sites you play on comply with the licensing requirements that apply to them.

To increase the fun factor and minimize the risk with this online activity, limit your gaming by using a prepaid debit card. Then once its funds are depleted, call it a day.

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What’s more, while you’re having fun with this particular online activity, you might want to look a little deeper.

Might online gaming be a lucrative business opportunity for you? A side hustle you could enjoy working on? The online gambling business has experienced consistent growth over the past few years. As such, it is no surprise that more online gambling sites are coming up. If you are hoping to start your online gambling business, be sure to:

  • Find a reliable tech partner
  • Choose the games you want to provide
  • Select a software program
  • Obtain the appropriate licenses
  • Select a payment system provider
  • Plan a marketing strategy


Casual Online Activities Can Lead to Productivity

There now. You thought you were going to take a break, lazing around with a bunch of silly online activities. But instead you ended up gaining some new knowledge and planning a new marketing campaign for your business. You even found a new track for bringing in more income. Congratulations! You just can’t help yourself. Like so many other entrepreneurs, even the online activities you indulge in over your winter break turn out to be productive.


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