Entrepreneurial Skills You Gain from Traveling the World

Are you an entrepreneur in desperate need of a break? Take the guilt out of the equation and use your break to improve your skills while you relax. Traveling may be regarded as a recreational activity but it’s quickly gaining ground as a popular means of gaining entrepreneurial skills. Famous entrepreneurs from all over the world are speaking up about the skills they acquired through travel. If you’re looking for a little inspiration and motivation at work, a nice trip might be just what you need.

Leading industry publications such as Forbes magazine are excited about the variety of benefits that traveling to foreign destinations can offer to existing and prospective entrepreneurs. Some go so far as to suggest traveling as an effective alternative to a formal education. With formal education and degrees taking an average of 55 months to complete, as well as costing a small fortune, the benefits of traveling as an alternative can mean that you can get into business a lot faster. You will also save a lot of money which you can use to invest. Of course, every holiday you take can then be seen as in investment in your business, too—within reasonable limits, of course.

Here are the top skills that famous and successful entrepreneurs claim to have gained from traveling instead of going to college.

Traveling Teaches You to Adapt—Fast

Few things are as effective in teaching you to adapt to new and foreign circumstances quite as well as arriving at a destination where you don’t know the area, can’t speak the language and cannot read the signs. Surrounding yourself with new cultures teaches you to find a way to fit in fast. If there is one skill that comes in really handy in running a business, it’s adaptability. Being able to quickly adjust to changing circumstances and trends can give your business the edge that puts you in front of your more slowly adapting competitors.

Low Budget Traveling Teaches You Money Management 

Have you ever been on a low budget trip? When you have only a few bucks in your pocket and you know you need to sleep, eat and travel, you find creative ways to get things done. You are forced to pick and choose priorities and get things done on a shoe string budget.

This type of money management for travel teaches you many skills you will need in business, as you often might not have the budget to do everything you want to do all at once. Successful management of finances, assets, and resources are vital for any business to succeed. Traveling on a budget forces you to learn:


Possibly one of the most important skills of making it as an entrepreneur is the ability to think outside the box. When you’ve only ever seen things as they’ve always been, it’s difficult to see them from another perspective. Foreign cultures do things differently. By experiencing these differences, your brain learns to think things through in a new light. Additionally, in your travels you just might discover some interesting products and services that could provide you with opportunities. Who knows? You might just decide to import them back to your own local community.

Time Management

Ever missed a flight? Traveling tends to remind us that time waits for no one. Respecting set time schedules can save you from huge inconveniences. With a little extra planning and prioritization, you usually can save loads of time and get things done faster. Of course, being able to better manage your time at home and at work will make you more productive in your business. Have you ever heard of an entrepreneur who complains of having too many hours in a day? Neither have we.

Working with Constraints

Forgetting to pack one of two essentials is often a part of traveling. Not to mention that you might be on a budget and unable to replace the items. Or maybe it’s simply that you cannot find them abroad. You will have to work with the things you have while you’re away. Starting a business usually involves working with what you have. Being able to adapt and be creative, using the resources you already have, will certainly can give you an extra edge. You’ll have much better chances of making everything work.

Other Cultures and People Skills

Overcoming language and cultural barriers is a regular challenge for travelers who visit foreign countries. While trying to communicate with hand gestures and a few words, you are forced to accept local customs. Submerging yourself this way breeds a better understanding of these cultures and gives you different ways of thinking. Of course, your communication skills will be challenged to their maximum point. Better people and communication skills will only benefit you in all areas of doing business. With everything from understanding clients to finding investors and managing employees, you will be much better prepared.


If you can’t take much time away, or you’re working with a limited budget, you don’t need to leave the country to travel. A quick trip to the ocean, your favorite beach town or shopping area or anywhere you like to go to unwind is perfect. If you like shows and attractions, any one of the Las Vegas hotels might be an excellent excursion for you. Taking even just a few days off can help you relax, brainstorm and rejuvenate your soul. You will return to your business with the fresh ideas and motivation you have been needing.