Startup During College – Why Should You Try It?

Of course, every student dreams of earning extra money. Whether it be for entertainment, dating, video games, travel, food or saving for the future, we all seem to need more of it. However, students often find themselves in class and learning during the day and working on homework and assignments at night. More and more students find themselves without the time for a full or part time job, yet they still need to earn money. Should they start their own business? Sounds kind of crazy, right? The truth is more and more students are deciding to become their own boss and work inside a schedule that is convenient for them.

Here are some tips for a successful college start up

Choose something that interests you 

This about it for a minute. What is it you like to do? Are you a guitar player who can teach others? Are you a pet lover who would like to start a dog walking service? Do you have computer skills you can tap into? I have guy that is great at “fixing” computers. Every few months or so I download something strange and I text him for an appointment time. He remotely accesses my PC and cleans it up for me. I pay him $50 for 30 minutes work and he never even leaves his house. I think he may even work on a few customers at a time – all because he knows how to clean up a computer and run anti virus software like a pro.

Think about what you not only are good at, but also like to do. Make a list and bounce it off of your friends and family. Chances are you will find just the right thing.

Your age is your advantage

Being a student might truly be the perfect time in your life to begin a business. At that age you are not usually supporting a family just yet or trying to make large mortgage or car payments. You also have the ability to take greater risks, move around freely and recover if things do go wrong. On top of that, you are young and sharp and learn new things more quickly. Technology is your friend in every way and it is simply a great time to make use of it.

Assemble a team of professionals

It may be helpful from the get-go to hire a lawyer, CPA and web programmer? The truth is, your business will do much better if you have smart and reliable people to help you with the parts you are not good at or just don’t want to do. Assembling a great team will help you work “on” your business instead of “in” your business so you can concentrate on growth. Websites like are a good place to go for technical help.

Don’t be afraid of your competition

I always hear people say things like, “well isn’t someone else already doing that”? You would be surprised to know how a few negative words like that can stop people in their tracks from following their dreams. Maybe there are others and that is important to know. But what can you do to make your service better, faster, less expensive or more convenient for your customers?

Look for startup capital 

It used to cost an arm and a leg to start a business. Today, especially with apps and the internet, that is just not true anymore. When you do need money, and most of course will, there are places entrepreneurs and investors “meet and mingle.” The most popular are AngelList, Fundable, Gust, and Kickstarter. Be sure you check them out.

Here are a few Business Ideas You Can Implement Right Now!


Starting a blog is a very low cost enterprise. You can start a new site on a free platform and write your first post. You may not be a perfect writer, but if you have something important to say, this could be a good idea for you.

Graphic design services

Are you a great designer or pro with photoshop and more? Can you design banners, business cards, invitations, logos and more? If so, websites like and are great places to meet and greet clients and start your business. If you are good with graphic design, you will surely find your own sparkling idea here.

Fitness training

Do you go the gym faithfully, eat healthy and know what it takes to live a healthy lifestyle? If so, can you turn your zeal for exercise into a business? You can start a personal training business and work in the school gym, at a park or even in your clients homes. You don’t need special equipment – you need a constant desire to help people become fit and healthy. If you have your own personal story of how you changed your life with exercise, be sure to share that with clients as they will love to know.

Freelance writing

If you have a computer, internet connection and some writing skills you can put your talents to work becoming a paper writer. College paper writing is always in popular demand and you can help others in need while earning some cash.

Become a tour guide

If you study at a college with a great history and tourist trade, you can become your own tour guide. Take people to all the “hot” attractions or start a business taking people to places “off the beaten path” that are really great and special. Learn a bit more about this history of your area, specific buildings and find engaging stories from the lives of the city’s residents. You can also design our own map of interesting places, “best” coffee shops, cafes and restaurants and offer it on your website for both tourists and locals.

Whatever it is you decide to do, if you are wondering if starting a business while you are in college is a good idea…we say it is a GREAT one!!