5 Must Have Apps for the Productive Business Person



  1. Wave

Wave is an accounting app suitable for small businesses, sole proprietors, or independent contractors who work with 9 or fewer employees. Wave helps you easily track sales and expenses easily. It also helps you manage your customer payments, invoices, receipts, employees’ paychecks and more. This app will also generate free accounting reports which can be very helpful in monitoring the success of your business. Wave recently added a free app to help you manage your finances and expenses – all in one place.


  1. Polaris Office


This is a good alternative for those who can’t use Apple’s iWork app. The Polaris Office app creates and edits documents and syncs them with Microsoft Office from any remote location. You can download the basic version for free or upgrade to the Pro version for a little more each month.


  1. Rescue Time


If you need to know what apps and websites you use each day, this app can help you with that. It will give you a detailed report each day of where you are spending your time. The app also works with all kinds of devices and operating systems.

The free version is called Rescue Time Lite. They also offer a premium version with more features you will also find useful. For example, it will block unwanted websites, and send you alerts with even a more detailed end of day report. Currently the app costs $72 per year with a 4 month free period – so it is worth checking it out.


  1. Trello


Trello is a project management app whose task is to facilitate easy tracking of workflow in your business. Basically, each card that you create in this app will represent an assignment. To make those cards more descriptive, the app lets you work with stickers. Trello also lets you communicate with members of your team effectively and add comments, attachments, due dates, checklists, and more to your projects. Each time you change a card’s details, your members will be notified through email so it helps keep everyone up to date. If you have a team involved in your business, this could be great for you.


  1. Evernote


Syncing your notes across desktop and mobile applications has become an easy task thanks to Evernote. You can also save emails and screenshots that previously you might never be able to find again. The free version allows you to upload 60MB of documents monthly. However, with the upgraded plan, you get 1GB of data as well as the ability to access notes or and save emails while offline. The business version costs $12 per month and comes with multiple administrative features for your business. If you are not using Evernote already, you will want to check it out today.


While these apps are great for solving business problems, you might be interested in a few gaming apps as well. Apps such as Slots2Slots android app might not address your business concerns but may help you relax in your down time. We all need to be able to take a break sometimes and shake things off at work. Having a few gaming sites in your repertoire to blow off a bit of steam could be just the thing.

Whatever the case, check out the 5 business apps mentioned above as one or all could surely help you run your business.