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Should Your Business Consider a Remote Team?

The state of the American workplace has shifted over the past few years, seeing an increase in remote workers.

According to the latest statistics, 74% of American companies are now offering flexible and remote working opportunities for their employees. Prior to this shift, working remotely has been viewed as something that would affect productivity – in the negative sense. However, the results have proven to be quite the opposite. Productivity in companies with flexible policies has increased significantly.

Work-life balance

Why? Work-life balance. This is a valuable concept among those who are active participants in such a fast-paced, modern world. Surveys conducted all over the United States revealed that employees rank work-life balance as the most important part of their job, so it’s quite understandable why the option of working from home and at flexible hours is such a successful concept.

As a small business owner, one may believe that having a small team of people working together in the same space works better than having a team scattered all over the country (or the world). However, it may also be beneficial to hire a remote team. For the business owner, this could mean low overhead costs. For the individual, this translates to less expenses and more time for work (as commuting to and from the office is eliminated).

How to set up a remote team

With a remote team setup, you would need to integrate all your files and communication via the Cloud. This way, you know you will have access to all data that you and your team are working on.

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