Boost Your Bottom Line with a More Appealing Website

Boost Your Bottom Line with a More Appealing Website

If your competitors are getting the best of you, it could be because your website needs an upgrade.

Is your website visually appealing, for instance? Is it easy to navigate? Consumers have a wide array of choices these days, and if your website can hold their interest for just a little longer than your competitors’ can, your business is bound to come out ahead.

If you’re now thinking that your website could use an upgrade, we offer this major caveat: Be sure to keep your customers in mind as you make changes. Every change you make on your website should be done with the intention of making it more attractive, easier to navigate, and, well, friendlier.

With a compelling website your business will easily stay ahead of the pack. Despite what you may think, you could easily pull off having the best website in your niche. Just follow the simple suggestions here to boost your website’s appeal with your customers—and watch your bottom line improve.


The Best Websites are Mobile Friendly

More than ever, people use their smart phones to view online content. As a matter of fact, the average adult spends 4 hours of every day checking content on their phone, and more than 40% of all online content is viewed on mobile phones. So that your business doesn’t miss out on all of that traffic, be sure to make your website mobile friendly.


Make Use of Persuasive Videos

Want to know how to capture and hold a website visitor’s attention? Place a compelling video near the top of your landing page or home page.

Recent surveys showed that videos grabbed more of website visitors’ attention than did any other website element. Use your videos to explain to potential customers how your product or service will solve their problems and make their lives better.

The longer you can hold website visitors’ attention, the better it will be for your sales, so don’t skimp when it comes to producing your videos. Good production values can make all the difference.


Make Your Website Interactive with a Forum

Make it easy for your leads and customers to interact with you about your product or service by establishing a forum as a part of your website.

People love having the opportunity to give you feedback on a forum. They also enjoy interacting with each other as well as directly with you. What’s more, they’ll know that you value your customers’ opinions about your company and your products and services. It also shows you are willing to change and improve on areas customers point out.

One of the best benefits of a forum, though, is that it will allow you to head off negative feedback at its very source in many cases. Whatever you do, if you establish a forum, set up some ground rules ahead of time, and be sure to stay actively involved on a regular basis.

You can make things easier on yourself by automating some of your responses, but use automation sparingly on your forum. Your customers and leads will value your personal input far more than they will an automated response. Your willingness to be personally available to them will build trust and customer loyalty.

Your Website Must Be Easy to Navigate

Easy navigation is an absolute must. Make it easy for a website visitor to find what they want to find and do what they want to do. And by all means, check and recheck your website’s internal links to ensure they lead a prospect or customer exactly where they’re supposed to—and quickly, while you still have their attention.

Incorporate Live Chats for Great Customer Service

Live chats on your website let your leads and customers know that you are committed to great customer service. A live chat with someone on your staff will handle objections, head off complaints, and build trust between you and your customers.

With a live chat, your leads and customers can get answers to all of their questions about your company, your products, and your services. And you will get many more closed deals.

Call in the Experts

If you don’t feel up to the task yourself, you can hire a web development company to do the work of upgrading your website for you. A good web development company will start by profiling your customer, because they, too, know that a website must be built around the customer’s needs. In addition, their technology-driven marketing solutions will fuel your company’s growth.