4 Top Reasons to Work from Home

There used to be a time when people couldn’t fathom earning a living without going to a job. Today, however, it is not only possible, it is also becoming a trend to work from home.

Let’s be clear that making money from home doesn’t actually mean that there is no work involved, but simply that more and more, people are discovering they don’t need to commute to a job in order to earn their living. In this article we will go over some of the prime reasons why this convenient method of earning money has become so popular in recent years.


  1. No Suits and Ties, No Dresses and Heels

Regular office setups usually have dress codes that require employees to wear business clothes when they go to work every day. Some people actually don’t mind that, and if that’s the case, those people can dress that way when they work at home if they like. However, many people like to dress more casually than they can normally dress at a job.

The point is, when you’re working from home, you can dress any way you like, however you feel most comfortable. Most of us aren’t able to do our best when we’re forced to sit stiffly behind a desk in conservative business wear for hours on end. For the most part, the more comfortable and relaxed the body feels, the more productive a person can be.


  1. Be Your Own Boss

If you’ve always wanted to be your own boss, then working from home might be just the thing for you. No one will be looking over your shoulder, critiquing your every move. You’ll be free to do things your way. However, you’ll still need to please your clients if you want to keep working, and you will have a new boss: your bills.


  1. Set Your Own Schedule

In a traditional work environment, employees clock in at a specific hour and clock out a specified number of hours later. Generally speaking, your schedule can be more flexible when you work from home. As we mentioned earlier, you’ll still need to please your clients, and many of them will have set deadlines that you will be required to meet. However, if you want to do your work at 3 in the morning instead of between the hours of 9 to 5,  no one will tell you that you can’t.

Difficulties may arise when friends and family misunderstand your meaning when you tell them you have a flexible work schedule. Yes, your work schedule may be flexible, but you’ll still need to put in the hours to get your work done. You won’t be able to drop everything when your best friend pleads with you to go to lunch with her, and your children may have to find ways to entertain themselves when you have work to do.

So you’ll need to develop some internal discipline and set firm boundaries with your loved ones when it comes to your working from home. Otherwise, your new boss—your bills—is likely to get short shrift. If that happens, your work-from-home plan could quickly go awry. However, with assertiveness, clear communication, and your own internal discipline, you can overcome this particular hurdle in short order.


  1. Gain Hours Each Week by Giving up Your Commute

On the other hand, when your “commute” is only the few steps you need to take to get from your coffeepot to your laptop, you’ll find you have lots of time for working longer and harder than you ever did when you commuted to work every day. Depending on how far away from your home your old traditional job was, that could mean several additional hours in every week. Those hours, once wasted in your car or on public transit, you will now be able to invest into your new career.