Do You Have What It Takes to Succeed as an Entrepreneur?

If you’re like most entrepreneurs, you’ve had some victories and you’ve encountered some obstacles during your career. During those rough periods in particular you might have asked yourself, “Do I really have what it takes?” These feelings are perfectly normal, and you don’t have to let them keep you from continuing to strive toward your goals. If you’re struggling as an entrepreneur, read on for some insights about how to navigate the choppy waters and continue on your journey.


Eliminate Distractions

Sometimes people who work from home are tempted to drink while working, just to “mellow out.” However, this is a risky path to take for a number of reasons. For one, you can hardly do your best work after even a single drink. For another, alcohol is all too accessible if you’re at home by yourself, and drinking alone can become a dangerous habit, leading to alcoholism and its attendant woes.

Other distractions can come from family members and friends, who might assume that because you have a flexible work schedule you’re free to hang out with them any old time. To avoid this scenario, establish some ground rules. It can help to stick to a regular work schedule that’s similar to normal working hours. Set up a work area, one that’s behind a closed door if possible. Calmly inform friends and family that when your office door is closed, you’re working, and ask them not to disturb you except in an emergency.

Also, unless you need to be accessible by phone with your clients, turn the ringers off on both your smartphone and your landline. And speaking of smartphones, don’t keep yours within easy reach. If it’s too easy to pick up your smartphone when you should be working, you could get lost in scrolling through Facebook or Twitter instead of working toward meeting a client’s deadline.


Develop Perseverance

You probably know by now that being an entrepreneur is not easy. Many people have left more conventional careers because they think that they would love to be their own boss. However, when they try it, they soon learn it takes a special set of qualities to succeed as an entrepreneur.

On the other hand, as an entrepreneur your future is in your own hands. Work smart, persevere, and your future will be a bright one.


Give Your Clients and Customers What They Want and Need 

Make it a point to learn what your clients and customers need that you can provide. For instance, if you’re a software designer, ask your friends and family to brainstorm with you about apps they wish they had that are not yet on the market. Do a little market research, then do that magic you do so well, and you could be on your way to the next big breakthrough in app design—and in your entrepreneurial career.

If you’re a writer, find out about what kinds of writing clients are looking for these days, and get some training in how best to do just that. You could soon have clients knocking on your door at all hours and lined up around the block.


Seek Out Friendly Competition

Keep your ear to the ground as far as your competitors go. Check out their websites and study their profiles. Emulate what they’re doing that’s working and capitalize on what they’re doing that’s not working so well.

You can’t avoid having competitors, so you might as well use the fact that they’re there as motivation rather than as a challenge.


Develop Self-Discipline

One of the most important qualities that will determine your success or failure as an entrepreneur is self-discipline. Do what successful entrepreneurs do, and you will surely rise to the top in your field.


Be Smart with Your Money

Especially in the beginning, you might make only enough money to cover your expenses. The next stage will find you investing the money you make back into your business. Once you’ve gained a little traction, though, you might find that you have some funds you’d like to invest in the stock market or in other ways. One of the great things about being an entrepreneur is that it teaches you the value of your own work and your own money. Take good care of your money and you’ll sleep better at night, if nothing else.


Be Open-Minded

Stay open to new ways of thinking, seek out mentors, and remain teachable, no matter how long you’ve been running your own business. If you have employees, listen to their ideas. This attitude will garner their respect, and—who knows?—you might just hear an idea from one of your employees that sends your business over the top.