Seize Opportunities Before They Become Unavailable

In business there is nearly always an opportune time to act, a limited time during which you can attain the greatest profitability. Missing that window of opportunity will ultimately cost you. Opportunities will disappear. Read on for some guidance about how to act with optimal timing.


Don’t Lose Your Flight Window

If you’re not familiar with aviation, then you may not know what the term “flight window” means. Basically, as weather patterns come and go, they can restrict your ability to travel. Such windows exist for space shuttles, for airplanes, for birds—as a matter of fact, they even exist for ground transportation, albeit sans “flight.”

In business, too, there is an auspicious time to act, a window of opportunity that’s open only for a limited time.

Thankfully, with weather patterns, another window emerges, but depending on where you are when the storm hits, you may have to wait several hours to several weeks. The more extreme your geographical location, the more extreme the weather, and the more imperative it is to hit windows on time.

For example, if you’re working on a station in Antarctica, there comes a time after which transit is entirely impossible. If you miss that window, you’re in for the long haul. When it comes to business, it’s the same. Certain ventures are more or less urgent. One example might be the internet.

If you’ve missed the internet window, you can still get aboard the web train, but you’re not going to be nearly so successful as those businesses who climbed aboard during its initial stages. At that time, it was relatively easy to obtain a massive quotient of the traffic and retain it.


Keeping the Advantage

Once you’ve managed to grasp an aspect of the market in a stranglehold, you must maintain it, or you will quickly become irrelevant. For some examples, is no longer relevant. Internet Explorer is hanging on by the skin of their teeth, and so is Now YouTube and Facebook are in danger of dissolution.

How? Well, YouTube and Facebook have been censoring political posts which conflict with their primary funding agents. As a result, hundreds of thousands of users are falling away.

Generation Z—the post-millennial generation—is also abandoning Facebook in droves, but for another reason: parents are on now. Facebook is quickly becoming less “cool” and platforms like Snapchat and are coming to replace them. So you see, even contemporarily powerful solutions are quickly dissolving. Now what does this mean to you as a small business?

Basically, you’ve got to look for trends and climb aboard cost-effectively to avoid being raked over the coals through lack of relevance. To that end, mobile applications are quickly becoming so prominent that if your small business doesn’t have one, you’re going to lose a massive share of the market.

But here’s the thing: applications can’t exist in a vacuum. You’ve got to maintain them proactively, or your plan to remain relevant will backfire. To that end, it makes sense to source tools designed to maintain applications proactively.


Maintaining Your Applications

This DevOps tools comparison from can help you get an idea of what works best for your operation. According to the website: “DevOps centers on collaboration and a culture that seamlessly integrates developers and IT operations teams working to put out the best new apps.”

Find the development operational application monitoring and support software which most completely serves your business’s needs. This will maintain relevance, as well as help you be competitive against other businesses offering similar products or services who are doing the same.

One final thought: technology continues to develop. If you don’t remain relevant, eventually you’ll be too far behind to play proper catch-up. You’ll be stuck in the Antarctica of business dissolution. So don’t miss your window!