Equipment You Need to Help Your Hospitality Business Succeed

Equipment You Need to Help Your Hospitality Business Succeed

Opening a hospitality business involves plenty of perspiration. With the right tools, though, you’ll be able to lessen the load on you and your staff by creating a more efficient business. Therefore, choosing the right type of hardware and appliances can make all the difference.

Modern appliances and fixtures offer considerable energy and space savings through innovative design. Additionally, advanced point-of-sale systems (POS) for restaurants and bars combine front-of-house and back-of-house duties together in a single database, helping to serve the customer better through greater staff efficiency.


POS Hardware Integrates Your Entire Business

Mobile technology and digital connectivity have evolved POS so that it now connects all aspects of your hospitality business together in a single database. The latest POS hardware streamlines many vital aspects of running your business, benefiting your guests and staff along with your bottom line.

For front-of-house duties, an integrated POS can automatically handle reservations, delivering updates that are accessible to all staff members. This helps to coordinate the entire team for incoming rushes and lulls.

While they’re on the floor, servers can utilize the same system to help guests with their orders. This allows them to report substitutions and custom requests directly to the kitchen. Instead of punching orders into a separate computer, servers have more time to build rapport with guests at the next table.

The system reports front-of-house information to a central database the entire time, making back-of-house duties much less time-consuming. This type of integrated solution allows managers, chefs and team leaders to reduce the time they spend on reports, making it easier for them to monitor and inspire staff members. Hospitality environments tend to be chaotic, and devices such as Impos’ hardware ensure order and efficiency.


Smart, Energy-Saving Appliances

Tablets and smartphones that run advanced POS can also control a wide range of appliances that your business relies on.

Connect your security system, lighting fixtures, media devices and kitchen appliances to mobile apps for quick control over equipment. You’ll be able to automate the use of many fixtures, including kitchen hardware, lights and security devices.

Automation reduces the effort required to run your hospitality business, directing your focus toward creating a superb guest experience and attracting new guests.

You’ll also be able to reduce costs related to energy and other utilities by automatically turning off hardware or reducing use during down times, allowing you to set goals for cost improvements.


Space-Saving Display Cabinets

People need to see your products so you can tempt them to buy. However, real estate in the hospitality business is at a premium. That means you have to choose display cabinets which serve two purposes: saving space and showing products in an aesthetically pleasing manner.

Select cabinets that include customer-facing features along with storage and prep space for staff members. A well-lit display cabinet with large, clear windows protects food and other merchandise while enticing guests.

Access to storage may be hidden from guests while remaining easy to access. Prep and cabinet spaces should be easy to clean and maintain, preventing the display from accumulating a mess.




High-Efficiency Drink Dispensers

Beverages provide a superb margin for hospitality businesses. That’s why it pays to maximize the return on the drinks you serve with drink dispenser equipment which efficiently pours and preserves hot and cold liquids.

High-efficiency cooling and heating units, as well as evaporators and mixers, reduce resources required to keep liquids fresh and tasty. Dripless pouring valves made of stainless steel reduce product waste and eliminate mess.

Select drink dispensers with modern features to reduce the hassle of maintenance. The right equipment will support your profit margin, regardless of the beverages you sell.


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Sam Taylors is the Community Manager at Impos, the home of Australia’s leading hospitality POS systems. Sam is an avid foodie, with an ear to the ground when it comes to all things hospitality. Outside of work, Sam enjoys baking, playing social sport and planning his next food adventure with friends.