Energize your team

6 Tips To Energize Your Team And Maximize Profits For Summer 2017

6 Tips To Energize Your Team And Maximize Profits For Summer 2017

Summer is upon us. It’s time to energize your team and pull out all the stops to maximize opportunities for your business.

Your staff is your business’s most important resource. Energize your team to bring out the best in the individuals who work for you. When you do, your company will achieve improved performance overall.




1. Celebrate Wins

It is all too easy to brush over achievements and automatically work towards the next goal. It’s even easier to forget why a goal was important, which can remove all meaning from the task. When success is celebrated, everyone is reminded that their ability to reach one specific goal indicates just how close they are to achieving even greater goals.

Bring your staff together during morning meetings to energize your team. Use that time to express appreciation and recognition. Taking a moment to encourage and change the team’s mind-set from “work” to “celebration” will create renewed positive energy in the work place.


2. Delegate Effectively

Every successful leader is measured by the success of their team. You have to know when to delegate down so you can progress up. Therefore, maximize every opportunity to improve the business’s profits by utilizing some of your most valuable assets: your employees. Employees who feel valued and part of something important will develop greater self-confidence. This can only benefit of your business.

However, it’s all about delegating successfully. Ensure you provide your employees with detailed task instructions. Then, check on their progress and help them develop their skills where needed. Always acknowledge them for accepting new responsibilities and express gratitude for their efforts.


Encourage new ideas


3. Encourage New Ideas

Help your business innovate by creating a culture in which all employees are actively encouraged to put ideas forward. An incredibly powerful way to bring out the best in people is by unlocking their creative side. Allocate time to hear new ideas through small sessions of brainstorming. Then, explore, test and refine those ideas.

Growing a business and achieving targets takes hard work and ambition from everyone involved. Therefore, providing adequate resources to develop and implement ideas worth acting upon is key. The team will feel involved in the improvements and rewarded for their creative thinking. Encouraging new ideas is a great way to energize your team.


4. Engage with Each Individual

How well do you know each of your employees? How well do they know you? Get to know your staff and their objectives by sharing your vision and hopes for the business. If everyone is aware of the collective vision, it will empower each individual and lead to greater motivation and enthusiasm to achieve results.

Take the time to really get to know each member of your staff. Learn what their hopes are personally and professionally. Professional goals can be achieved by offering training in the areas individuals are interested in. By doing so you are fostering a work place environment in which they feel appreciated and valued.

However, while setting up a training program is incredibly important, it can be costly. Some businesses have benefited from a cash injection to help with the initial setup and running costs of such a venture. You could look into applying for a small business loan to supplement your plans. This initial investment will pay off once your staff members feel more empowered to realize their full potential and help grow the business.


5. Introduce Change

When your team is lacking energy and enthusiasm, it’s time to energize your team by introducing change. Small changes are sometimes more effective than drastic changes which could have a negative effect on morale.

Make it simple for yourself and encourage change by listening to opinions and introducing a suggestion box. Small changes can be made to the work place environment, the sales process or the rewards systems to rejuvenate team spirit. People struggle to grow if they are constantly doing what they have always done. Therefore, they need guidance and leadership. Help your staff develop new skills by giving them new challenging tasks.



6. Reward Excellence

Why do we work so hard? One of the greatest needs for us all is that of feeling appreciated for our efforts. As you may agree, rewarding great work is important, especially for those who stand out from the crowd and go the extra mile. It’s important to feed ambition through recognition and ultimately encourage other individuals to follow. Moreover, make sure that your employees understand how to earn rewards and set reasonable and transparent performance standards.

Ensuring that rewards are given for excellence builds stronger loyalty. And don’t forget that rewards can be in many forms. Just remember to establish a strong structure for personal development. Then, offer a clear progression route so that employees can take charge and seek the benefits.