6 Tips to Get the Most Value from Your Quality Website

6 Tips to Get the Most Value from Your Quality Website

Any entrepreneur trying to grow their business knows the value of a quality website that can act as a perpetually accessible brochure, helping you to draw in customers around the globe while you sleep.

When potential clients or customers are seeking information online, your website plays an integral part in the decisions they make. The value of a well organized website includes customer acquisition, credibility and being found via search engines.

Therefore, it’s in your best interests to set up a website as soon as possible if you don’t already have one. Here are 6 tips for getting the most value out of your website.




1. Add a Blog with Unique Content

Google loves blog posts, which is exactly why your quality website should have a blog. If you post regular blog posts that contain content that is unique to your website only, your Google ranking will go up. Further, your blog posts all need to be well written and educational for the same reason. When your Google ranking is higher, customers can more easily find you via search engines.

Your website’s blog can also help you give your customers important information about your products and services. By educating them about what you offer, you’re helping to close the sale. Plus, blog posts are shareable, which means that if someone visits your website and reads an interesting blog post, they might share it on their social networks, leading to more visitors to your website.

If you’re thinking of starting a blog for your quality website, there are some things you’ll need to know first, such as the importance of hiring a good writer and the best search engine optimization (SEO) practices for blog post visibility.


2. Create a Call-to-Action

Your website developer can help you set up a pop-up message that visitors to your website will see. It’s best to set these pop-ups on a timer so that the visitor doesn’t see it until they’ve been navigating your site for at least 20 seconds. That’s because they’re more likely to close the message or ignore it if it pops up immediately. The pop-up can contain a message with a call-to-action. For example, it could encourage them to sign up to your e-mail list or suggest to them that they make a purchase now for a free gift with their purchase.


3. Invest in Quality Website Design

Your website will often act as a first impression, so it’s worth the investment to get a talented website designer to help you create a beautiful, modern and professional website. It should be easy to navigate, not confusing. It should contain streamlined content, load quickly, and contain captivating visuals that present your company in an attractive light. Your quality website should also showcase your company and tell your story with photos and videos of your brand’s message.


4. Showcase Your Most Positive Testimonials and Your Best Work

You’re guaranteed to get more customers if your website shows off your best work in the form of photos, case studies, and so on. Even better, showcase customer testimonials. Encourage customers or clients to write a review, and ask for permission to share it on your website. And if you can get a few of your customers to give you video reviews, your website will truly stand out.


5. Link to Your Social Channels

Websites are a great way to gain social media followers. Plus, you can link to all of your social channels in one place. More social followers can lead to more shares, mentions and customers.

Therefore, if you want to get more followers on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook then you can include buttons for those social channels on your website. Encourage website visitors to follow you by offering a special discount for anyone who follows you.

Social media followers are one of the most important elements when it comes to successful online marketing for your business. The truth is, online marketing strategies simply won’t perform as well if your business doesn’t have a good following on social media.



6. Add an FAQ Page

As important as they are, customer support and communicating with customers can take up too much of your time. You can’t afford to ignore your customers’ needs and requests, but your main focus is on growing your business.

Fortunately, there is an solution. You’ll find that it is much easier to communicate efficiently with customers if you can direct them to a page on your website that will answer their questions. This page will be your FAQ page, where they will find all of the answers to their frequently asked questions. All of the pertinent information will be in one place.

If your quality website has a detailed FAQ page, customers won’t be confused. Communicating with them will be much less time-consuming. Then you’ll be able to focus on what needs to be done to keep your business growing strong. In this sense, your website can often do much of that all-important customer support for you. Plus, if your customers can find answers on your website, they’ll be more likely to do business with your company.