5 Places Where You’ve Probably Forgotten to Put Your Logo

For sure you’ve placed your logo everywhere you can think of. For instance, you’ve covered all the usual suspects—your website header, your profile photos on social media, your product packaging. But where else can you display your logo, the all-important image that represents your brand?

Here’s a roundup of five places you might have missed:


1. As Your Favicon

A favicon (short for “favorite icon”) is that tiny icon you see next to a website’s name on an open tab—so tiny that sometimes it gets overlooked.

Your client can have multiple tabs open at a time, and without your own favicon, your site will be represented by a default favicon (which looks like a blank page and won’t do your painstakingly crafted website any favors).

On the other hand, you can simply add your logo as your favicon and make your website stand out from dozens of other open tabs. Who knows? You might even make it to the client’s bookmarks!

2. On Your Email Signature

Signing off with a personalized signature on your emails makes a world of difference to the client on the receiving end of your messages.

For example, a strategically placed image breaks the monotony of walls of text in an email. It adds a professional feel to your correspondence, as opposed to just your business name in type.

Insert your logo into your email signature to subtly get it across to the client that they’re transacting with a business that’s the real deal, down to the tiniest of details. One place to get a logo for your email signatures free of charge is at Free Logo Creator. Just make sure to opt for the free download version to receive the free email signature version of your logo.

3. On Your Thank You Page

Some sites may redirect a client to a thank you page after they perform an action on the site. That action could be just about anything, including buying a product or filling out a form.

Apart from a genuine message expressing thanks, you can add your logo to the top of this page for a consistent brand experience all the way through to the end of the transaction.

Seal the deal and sear your brand into your client’s memory.

4. On Your Maintenance Page

During those unavoidable down times on your site, create a maintenance page with a witty message apologizing for the inconvenience and stating when you’ll be back. Then, top it off with your logo.

You’ll be making your brand work for you even when you’re not open for business.

5. As Your Gravatar

A Gravatar (short for Globally Recognized Avatar) is an image that automatically represents you whenever you interact with any Gravatar-enabled website.

Use your logo as your Gravatar photo. Have it represent you as you browse other websites and leave comments on blogs in your niche.

It’s an easy, convenient way to put your brand out there as you build your network.

To Recap

Take note of these points whether you’re jumping headfirst into digital marketing or you’ve been around for a while and are looking for a boost. That is, consider the little known, often missed details that could be the key to getting your client to remember your name.

Breathe new life into your logo by putting it out there in new places. On the other hand, if you feel your logo is no longer doing the job for you, you can even make a new one.

In the infinite space that is the Internet today, there is one thing that matters more than any other. That is, that you owe it to your business to maximize every bit of real estate you can get. Give your brand the most exposure possible by placing your logo even in the least likely places.