6 Key Characteristics of a Successful Business

Everyone who starts a company wants it to be a successful business. Unfortunately, however, less than half of those who start a business actually succeed.

Is there a secret to how some businesses are more successful than others? Is there something you could be doing now that could help your company to flourish? There are many reasons why a company succeeds or fails, but there are some key characteristics of successful companies that you can apply to put your business on the right path.


1. Masterful Leadership

Your company is only as good as the leadership you provide. You, as the owner of the company, must instill core values, company missions, and best practices in your staff. This includes everyone, including management and supervisory staff, so that they, too, can lead their staffs to success. All leadership staff should understand the importance of being engaged and accountable. They must effectively learn how to promote better performance while providing sound direction and structure through company systems and processes.


2. Exceptional Customer Relationships

Outside of selling products or services, what does your company do to develop relationships with your target audience? Successful organizations put forth effort on a regular basis to connect with their target audience—and not just to make a sale. For instance, be willing to work with a social media management company. In this way, you will improve communications with your customers on these platforms. Then, you’ll connect with your customers a lot more than will a company who socializes with customers only once in a blue moon.


3. Great Employee Relationships

As important as it is to build and maintain positive relationships with your customers, it’s equally important to build good relationships with your staff. Your employees are responsible for helping to make your business what it is today. If they feel as though there is a disconnect between them and management, this can quickly reduce productivity. To cultivate a positive working environment, you need to take into consideration that your employees are more than just workers; they’re human beings, too. Some of the most successful businesses invest in their staff and provide fun work spaces, benefits for employees and their families, down time, and fun activities to show that they appreciate their top talent.




4. Impeccable Finances

A big part of being a successful business is properly managing the company’s finances. A company that sets budgets, generates reports, understands expenses, and does what they can to save money is going to flourish. On the other hand, a company that haphazardly manages the finances and only becomes concerned during tax season is not likely to do so well. A company owner who is aware of their finances and how to grow them is certainly more likely to be the owner of a successful business.


5. Outstanding Products and Quality Service

You can’t sell poor quality merchandise or treat your customers unprofessionally and expect to stay successful. When the quality of a product declines or service becomes slow or inappropriate, customers won’t remain loyal. No, they will start looking to your competitors for what they need. A successful business dedicates its resources and consistently focuses on providing quality service and products every single time.



6. Unfailing Resilience

Once thing you’re going to need as a business owner that you may not have been aware of is resilience. Companies will hit rough patches. On your road to success, you’re bound to make a few mistakes. Learn from your blunders and bounce back from setbacks. Even very successful companies—for instance, Jet Blue, Pepsi Co, and Johnson & Johnson—have faced some madness along the way. The great ones have been able to recover, though, and get back to servicing their customers.

Visionary leadership based on an inspiring mission plan and core beliefs, plus a supportive and talented staff who provide great products and excellent customer service are all important to your success. Add to that resilience, strong marketing, and competitiveness and you have a sure recipe for a successful business.